Cultural Crossings:
A Tour of Korea
By Kay Carney
t was the trip of a lifetime. For SFTS
president, Rev. Dr. James McDonald
and his wife, Rev. Dr. Dean McDon-
ald, the invitation to travel to Korea
offered a welcomed opportunity to go where
no “McDonald” had ever gone before!
This is not the first time SFTS lead-
ership have traveled to Korea to participate in the an-
nual Hanshin conference, a symposium established
for Korean Christian pastors. For four decades, SFTS
administrators and faculty have made the trip. But for the
McDonalds, this was their maiden voyage.
After a 10-hour plane ride and 16-hour time differ-
ence, the McDonalds hit the ground running. Travel-
ing by KTX high-speed rail from YoungSan Station to
Hanil University & Presbyterian Theological Seminary
in the city of Jeonju, President McDonald preached at the
university’s morning workshop service — “The Mighty
Mustard Seed” based on Luke 17:1-6. That same evening,
the McDonalds boarded the train for Seoul.
Fast forward. Their weeklong visit was enriched with
a visit to Hanshin Presbyterian Church and a meeting
with Rev. Dr. Yong Kyu Kang (D.Min. ’96). President
McDonald spent quality time at the church and preached
( “How are you?”)
SFTS CHIMES | Fall 2012
The McDonalds with Rev. Dr. Yong Kyu Kang.
The ceremonial changing of the guard.
One of many cultural events enjoyed by the McDonalds.
The McDonalds with Rev. Dr. ChangBok Chung.
The McDonalds in front of a historic Korean temple.
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