Francisco, and First Presbyterian
Church, San Anselmo. In January,
he will teach during the Diploma in
Art of Spiritual Direction program,
including a new course on “Con-
temporary Issues in Spiritual Direc-
tion: Culture, Context, and Social
Location.” He is also scheduled to
serve as plenary speaker for the an-
nual conference of the Intercollegiate
Peace Fellowship of Mennonite Col-
leges and Universities in February
at Bluffton University, Ohio. The
theme of the conference is “Spiritual-
ity and Shalom: Living at the Inter-
section of Faith and Justice.”
Dr. Elizabeth
dean of the
seminary and pro-
fessor of spiritual life
represented SFTS at
the Association of
Theological Schools
Chief Academic Officers’ Meeting
and Biennium held in Minneapolis
in June. She also participated in the
Hispanic Summer Program’s pro-
gram for deans and presidents held
at the Evangelical Seminary of Puer-
to Rico. In October, she attended a
retreat on discernment for the “Spir-
itual Enrichment for Everyday” se-
ries hosted by Preston Hollow Pres-
byterian Church of Dallas, Texas,
and an Adult Sunday School presen-
tation, also for Preston Hollow Pres-
byterian Church. On October 22,
she led a day-long workshop for
spiritual directors, introducing them
to the Experience Circle, a tool for
expanding the ability of spiritual di-
rectors and supervisors to attend to
the experience of those they assist in
spiritual direction.
Rev. Dr. Gregory
associate pro-
fessor of systematic
theology, led a work-
shop on Science and
Religion for The
Zephyr Experience
at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Retreat
Center, Lake Tahoe, in July. The con-
ference annually brings together over
a hundred participants. In September,
he led a conference for pastors on his
Love, Violence, and the Cross:
How the Nonviolent God Saves Us
through the Cross of Christ
Over 20 pastors, certified lay pastors
and lay people fromCascades Presby-
tery spent two days studying together
at the Shalom Center at the Benedic-
tine Sister’s Abbey in Mt. Angel, Ore.
Love also taught a four-week adult
education series on Paul’s Theology
in Romans 5-8 at Lafayette-Orinda
Presbyterian Church, Calif., in Sep-
tember and October. Love presented
two series at First Presbyterian
Church, Burlingame, Calif., this fall.
He taught a three-week adult educa-
tion series on religion and spirituality
in American culture. “Is Being Spiri-
tual Enough? Spirituality, the Church,
and the Christian Life” looked at the
latest Pew survey on people claiming
to be “spiritual but not religious,” the
strengths of this trend and the poten-
tial problems. In December at First
Presbyterian Church, Burlingame,
Calif., Love will teach a two-week se-
ries on the changes happening in the
Presbyterian Church, looking at rea-
sons and consequences of churches
leaving the PC(USA). Love led 12
students in the Certified Lay Pastor
program of the Presbytery of San
Francisco this fall. He provided an in-
depth study of Christian systematic
theology from the perspective of the
Reformed tradition. The program in-
volved reading texts in systematic the-
ology, writing papers and discussions.
Rev. Dr. Eugene
the Dana and
Dave Dornsife Pro-
fessor of New Testa-
ment, participated
in the IASACT pro-
gram at the Chinese
University of Hong Kong in June as
a mentor to 15 junior scholars from
various Asian countries representing
diverse academic disciplines in hu-
manities and social sciences. He gave
a series of lectures on the New Per-
spective on Paul at the First Presby-
terian Church, Burlingame, in Sep-
tember and another set of lectures
on Paul’s life and theology at the
First Presbyterian Church, San Ra-
fael, in October. His article, “Mat-
thew’s Treatment of the Infanticide
by Herod” has just been accepted for
publication in the
Catholic Biblical
Dr. Annette
associate professor
of Old Testament,
taught a class on
“Basic Theological
Questions in the
Old Testament” in the Advanced
Pastoral Studies summer program.
In November she gave two papers at
the SBL meeting in Chicago: one on
the book of Jonah and one on char-
acterization of the sage as king in
Wisdom literature.
Dr. Annette
associate professor
of New Testament,
presented a paper
at a conference on
Revelation at the
University of Frankfurt, Germany.
The paper was entitled “Bilder zum
Sehen – Bilder zum Hören? Über
die Grenzen von visuellem Bild und
Sprache als Ekphrasis in der Offen-
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