barung des Johannes” (Images to See
and Images to Listen to? On the
Boundary of Visual Images and Lan-
guage as Ekphrasis in the Revelation
of John). She was also invited to a
conference on Septuaginta Deutsch
- Septuagint German at the Hoch-
schule Wuppertal. She has worked at
the Numismatic Library at the Uni-
versity of Freiburg, analyzing ancient
coins, the library on Old History at
the University of Freiburg, and
worked closely together with Prof.
Ferdinand Prostmeier and Dr. Thom-
as Bauer at the Theology Department
in Freiburg. In Estonia, she met a
group of NewTestament doctoral stu-
dents who are interested studying in
the GTU doctoral program.
She has written the following papers:
“Stories Just Under the Skin. Lep-
rosy in the Gospel of Luke” for the
volume on “Miracles Revisited. New
Testament Miracle Stories in Con-
text.” The book was edited by Weis-
senrieder and Stefan Alkier and will
be the first volume in the
dia of the Bible and Its Reception
ries of de Gryuter, Berlin. The book
features papers delivered at an SFTS
conference in cooperation with the
University of Frankfurt, Germany,
in 2011.
“Cultural Translation: The Fig Tree
and Politics of Representation un-
der Nero in Rome (Mark 11:13‒15,
19‒20; Matthew 21:18‒19; Luke
13:1‒9)” in the same volume.
“Domestic Household Religion” for
the Oxford Handbook of Archaeol-
ogy and the Bible.
“Femininity and Masculinity: Greek
for the Oxford Handbook of Sex,
Gender and the Bible.
Two Lectionaries on Mark 1:40-45
and Mark 2:1-10.
“Hydraulik des Geistes. Emphysao
in Genesis 2:7 und Sapientia Salo-
monis 15:11” (“Hydraulics of the
Spirit. Emphysao in Genesis 2:7 and
the Wisdom of Salomon 15:11”) for
the journal
Septuagint Bulletin
“New Testament Pneumatology and
Ancient Medicine” for a volume
published by John Levison and Jörg
Frey on
The Roots of the Holy Spirit
Dr. Walt Davis,
professor of soci-
ology of religion emeritus, received
the first annual Desmond Tutu
Award for courageous leadership at
the Northern California Friends of
Sabeel gala in October. Friends of
Sabeel advocates for a just peace in
Palestine/Israel. It honored Davis
and First Presbyterian Church, San
Anselmo, for their dedicated work
on behalf of Palestinian rights. The
pastor at First Presbyterian Church
is Rev. Dr. Joanne Whitt, an SFTS
board of trustee member who earned
her Master of Divinity and Doctor
of Ministry degrees from the semi-
nary in 1997 and 2007, respective-
ly. Davis was the general editor of
Steadfast Hope: The Palestinian Quest
for Just Peace
, a publication of the
Israel-Palestine Mission Network of
the Presbyterian Church (USA). The
document is used in many U.S. con-
gregations and has been adapted for
use in the Episcopal Church. Along
with David Jones, also a member of
the San Anselmo congregation, he
wrote a three-week study plan of
another IPMN publication,
Palestine – A Moment of Truth
, to be
used in churches. He has inspired
and supported the San Anselmo
church in its ecumenical project,
Keep Hope Alive, a program in part-
nership with the YMCA of East Je-
rusalem and the YWCA of Palestine.
The project sends two groups to Pal-
estine each year to plant olive trees
in February and to harvest olives in
Rev. Dr. Herman Waetjen,
ert S. Dollar Professor Emeritus of
New Testament, authored an essay
entitled “A Postmodern Reading of
Paul’s Letter to the Romans and Its
Disclosure of a New Image of God
and a New Understanding of Salva-
tion.” It was published in the July
2012 issue of
Theology Today
. His
commentary on Romans,
The Let-
ter to the Romans: Salvation as Justice
and the Deconstruction of Law
, was
published by Sheffield Phoenix Press
in Sheffield, England, in November
Rev. Scott Clark
(M.Div. ’07)
2012-13 as associate
dean of student life
and chaplain. He
previously served for
one year in an inter-
im capacity. Clark represents student
concerns at all levels of the institu-
tion, from administrative cabinet to
student services staff to maintenance
staff. He has assisted students and
student groups to bring their ideas to
fruition. He has provided leadership
for consistent and rich worship, and
pastoral care to the members of the
wider seminary community. “May I
express my personal appreciation for
the competence and grace with
which Scott has moved into this new
position, began to fill out the plan as
it existed on paper with his own per-
sonal stamp, and brought all of his
gifts and skills to bear in service both
to students and to the larger institu-
tion,” said Dr. Elizabeth Liebert,
dean of the seminary.
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