SFTS CHIMES | Fall 2012
She always led
the procession
Of stately robes
and arm strips
A swirl of dignified
And at the front
She walked,
a brown paper sack
Carefully folded
with the brim rolled
Her crown.
“It was the first Earth day,”
she explained
“And it was more comfortable.”
proached Polly with the idea of refitting the space as a coffee shop and
living room for the campus.
“Holy Grounds could not have come about without her cheerleading
and support,” said Wilkinson. “She’s always been aware of what students
needed. Polly is an amazing woman.”
At the party on graduation day, Temesgen Dabsu, a senior M.Div.
student from Ethiopia, testified the support shown to him by Polly.
“She helped me to get over here,” he shared. “I had to come straight
from Africa and she explained all the details on the visa requirements, the
course requirements and what to do by what time. She is the first person
I go to talk to and I have confidence in her advice for me.”
Jacob Li, another current M.Div. student, said, “I found her helpful.
Any question you bring to her, she’ll find a satisfying answer. It could
be about life, grad school, the seminary structure, policy, anything. The
school will take a while to come up with someone to replace her.”
Rev. Scott Clark (M.Div. ’09), chaplain and associate dean of student
life, was a student before he joined Polly on the SFTS staff.
“You are in truth the heart of this place,” Clark said during Polly’s
party. “In ways many people will never know, your office is probably the
place where students learned the most about how to be a pastor.”
“Nor, perhaps should anyone know,” Polly replied in laughter.
“Every time I go through the course again from alpha to omega I
learn new things about Greek, about scripture, and about the people in
the room,” Polly told the SFTS Board of Trustees. “That, for me, is fun,
and as Ben and Jerry say, if it’s not fun, why do it? Could that be how
you know it’s a call?”
Anitra Kitts (M.Div. ’06) is a freelance writer who recently moved to Germany.
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