n a way, members of the
Class of 1987 are renegades.
Sure, a few of these San Fran-
cisco Theological Seminary graduates
occasionally make their way back to
San Anselmo for Alumni Reunion Weekend
in the spring. But it’s more likely that they mark
their calendars for their own private reunion held every
five years since they graduated 25 years ago.
For the fifth time, the Class of 1987 gathered at SFTS
in August, setting up camp in Suzanna Baird Hall for a
little reminiscing, prayer, support and catching up. This
year’s group of 36 included graduates, spouses and partners,
some of whom joined the reunion for a first time and many
whom have participated all five times.
“We take over Baird and make it our home away from
home as we share meals and participate in programs that we
have scheduled, often with former and current SFTS pro-
fessors joining us with their expertise,” shared Deana Reed.
“We stay up late reminiscing about our times on campus
and sharing the joys and heartaches of life and ministry.
The chance for catching up as well as having directed time
in study and reflection is important to us all.”
Reed notes that seminary is a life-changing time. Stu-
dents are stretched, pulled and encouraged to open up to
a bigger framework for understanding God, life and com-
munity than when they first came to SFTS. Those shared
experiences provide opportunities for relationships with
classmates, faculty and staff to develop touchstones during
seminary days and beyond.
“Our lives have intertwined over the years as we have
welcomed spouses, partners and the birth and growth of
children into our worlds,” Reed said. “We just enjoy being
together and celebrating life as we worship and play and
study together.”
SFTS invites all graduates and former community
members to return for Alumni Reunion Weekend April
11-13, 2013. Or you could follow the example of the Class
of 1987 and coordinate your own special gathering.
Class of 1987
stands out
SFTS alums
return every
five years
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