New breakthrough book connects
Gospels, Torah and Quran
r. Brian Brown, who earned
his Doctor of Ministry degree
from San Francisco Theologi-
cal Seminary in 1972, is contributing
editor of the new book
Three Testa-
ments: Torah, Gospel and
For the first time,
Brown and his col-
leagues present together
the texts of the Torah,
Gospels and Quran, in-
viting readers to exam-
ine the interdependence
of the Scriptures that are
central to Jews, Christians
and Muslins. Connecting
these three faith traditions, the book is
a breakthrough in scholarship and an
excellent source for interfaith studies.
The foreword by Amir Hussain,
editor of the
Journal of the American
Academy of Religion
, sets the tone by
recognizing the value of understanding
the differences as well as appreciating
the mutual implication of stories that
overlap in content and meaning. Ellen
Frankel and Marc Zvi Brettler represent
the Jewish community, Henry Carrigan
and David Bruce speak for Protestants
and Catholics, with Lalel Bakhtiar and
Nevin Reda presenting traditional and
progressive Islamic points of view.
Brown, ordained by the United
Church of Canada, adds an interna-
tional perspective to illustrate the time-
less universality of the material under
consideration. He credits his wife Jenny
Gosine, whose family roots are in India,
for helping him develop a world view
on faith.
“Brian Brown and his associates of-
fer a deep investigation of the common
as well as the distinctive features of the
monotheistic world faiths present in
the Torah, the Gospel and the Quran,
including some possible influence in
each by Zoroastrianism,” said Dr. Max
L. Stackhouse, author of
God and Glo-
and professor emeritus at
Princeton Theological Seminary. “Well
aware that the evidence is not conclu-
sive in many cases, he courageously and
suggestively charts out the dots that
can become connected as further
research dictates, thereby setting
forth a possible map of the partial-
ly hidden root system that feeds
the major branches of the flour-
ishing world
As pos-
sibly a defini-
tive landmark
of the 21st
Torah, Gospel
and Quran
presents the
scriptural texts
under license from the Jewish Publica-
tion Society, Sheed & Ward and Kazi
Publications Inc, preeminent publish-
ing houses of the Jewish, Catholic and
Islamic traditions. By word count the
material is 70 percent Scripture, 15
percent commentary and 15 percent
contextual material relating to recent
research showing the Zoroastrian roots
of the scriptures of Abraham’s fam-
ily. The particular textual versions are
all 21st century publications from the
three traditions, another first.
Brown recently retired from min-
istry to focus on writing after serving
three small Niagara Falls congregations
for nearly a decade. Each church expe-
rienced growth and redevelopment, in-
cluding one congregation that doubled
its membership and another that built
a new church sanctuary.
Brown was associated with Rene
Levesque who, as premier, persuaded
Brown to write
Separatism in 1976
, ar-
ticulating French Quebec’s aspirations
to English Canada. Levesque contrib-
uted an impressive foreword, regarded
by many as the definitive statement on
1993 Stephen Taber (MA in Val-
is a lawyer and elder at Old First
Presbyterian Church, San Francisco.
He uses his legal knowledge on be-
half of Old First Presbyterian Church
and of many nonprofits. He is also
legal counsel for both the Presbytery
of San Francisco and the Presbytery
of Sacramento. Taber and his wife,
Sarah, generously host many Old First
Presbyterian Church gatherings, from
educational forums to holiday open
houses. Tabor is the author of the
prize-winning history
Pioneer Com-
munity of Faith: Old First Presbyterian
Church 1849-1999
1995 Bruce
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