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1999 Musimbi
Kanyoro (D.Min.)
is president and
CEO of Global
Fund for Women,
which has offices in
San Francisco and
New York City.
Global Fund for Women is a pub-
licly supported grantmaking foun-
dation that invests in women-led
organizations to advance human
rights. A native of Kenya, Kanyoro is
an influential advocate for women
and girls worldwide. Prior to joining
the Global Fund for Women, Kany-
oro served as the director of the
Packard Foundation’s Population
and Reproductive Health program,
where she led efforts to expand the
foundation’s grantmaking to include
girls’ education and women’s leader-
ship. Prior to that, she served as gen-
eral secretary (CEO) of the World
YWCA in Geneva, Switzerland
(1998–2007), and as executive sec-
retary for the Women’s Program of
the Lutheran World Federation
(1988–98). She is a founding mem-
ber of the Global Coalition on
Women and AIDS—an alliance fo-
cused on strengthening AIDS pro-
gramming for women and girls. A
minister by training, Kanyoro has
been a visiting scholar at Harvard
Divinity School. She has published
extensively on gender issues and re-
ceived many awards throughout her
career including the Kenya Govern-
ment Presidential Award for leader-
ship and the Women’s Funding Net-
work’s Changing the Face of
Philanthropy Award.
2001 Timothy Shipe (M.Div.)
a supervisory candidate in Clini-
cal Pastoral Education at St. Joseph
Medical Center in Tacoma, Wash.
2002 Paul Boles
has been
appointed to the
faculty of Azusa Pa-
cific University as
assistant professor of
church history. He
received his PhD in the history of
Christianity from Claremont Grad-
uate University, where he completed
his dissertation on the creation of a
context for meaning to occur in the
preaching of third-century Church
father Origen of Alexandria. He
continues to pursue his interests in
historical preaching and the history
of biblical interpretation. Boles is an
ordained minister in the Presbyteri-
an Church (U.S.A.), has worked as a
solo pastor and as a hospice chap-
lain, and teaches preaching at the
seminary level.
2003 Deborah Matthews (DSFS,
M.Div./MA ’04)
joins youth-advo-
cacy agency The LeaderShop as mar-
keting manager after volunteering
in the office for several months. Her
advocacy for young adults began as
a youth group leader while a col-
lege student and continued through
fifteen years of leading youth pro-
gramming in churches and com-
munities in four states, including as
a pastor in two churches. Deborah
comments, “While it appears I’ve
changed careers, I’m still using all
the tools and formation as a religious
leader to communicate to the com-
munity the exciting work The Lead-
erShop does to build confidence,
knowledge and leadership in teens.
I’m thrilled to be a part of the team.”
She is an ordained teaching elder in
the PC(USA).
2004 Will
has been
named interim ex-
ecutive director of
the Interfaith Coun-
cil of Contra Costa
County. “The work of the Interfaith
Council is so important here in
Contra Costa County,” McGarvey
said. “Our work supporting Winter
Nights Shelter, the chaplaincy in the
Juvenile Detention Facility and our
Social Justice Alliance provide an op-
portunity for people of faith to work
together to make our county a better
place. I’m happy to be able to help the
executive committee focus on our
mission, and organize our committees
to help the member congregations
work toward greater understanding
among our faith groups. This is
among the most important pieces of
work during this time of increasing
religiously motivated violence.” Mc-
Garvey has served as pastor at Com-
munity Presbyterian Church of Pitts-
burg, Calif., for the last eight
years. CPC shares ministry with First
Congregational Church of Antioch
(UCC). McGarvey has long been ac-
tive in interfaith circles, including the
early meetings that organized inter-
faith chaplains for the 2002 Salt Lake
City Winter Olympics.
2004 Jessica Konig (MA)
a degree in philosophical theol-
ogy from the Graduate Theological
Union in Berkeley, Calif. She also
earned an MA in Philosophy and
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