Graduate Certificate in Women’s
and Gender Studies at Duquesne
University, and was accepted to the
university’s PhD program in phi-
losophy this fall. She received the
Carlin Book Prize in Philosophy
from the University of San Diego in
2001 before attending SFTS. Most
recently, she presented a paper, “The
Matrilineal Servitude Statute and
Miscegenation Laws: An Essay on
their Impact on Notions of Mother-
hood and Female Sexuality,” at the
Eastern Society for Women in Phi-
losophy Conference on Women in
Philosophy: Why Race and Gender
Still Matter at Notre Dame of Mary-
land University. She is interested in
feminist philosophy generally, and
notions of identity and gendered
subjectivity specifically.
2007 Derrick Weston (M.Div.)
has been hired as pastor of the First
Presbyterian Church of Yellow
Springs, Ohio, as well as director
of Antioch College’s Coretta Scott
King Center for Cultural and Intel-
lectual Freedom. Weston is interest-
ed in using the Coretta Scott King
Center as a platform for dialogue on
difficult issues such as diversity, tol-
erance, peacemaking and justice —
issues he says people give lip service
to but, like self-segregation, often
remain the status quo. The move-
ment for change goes back to the
philosophies of Martin Luther King,
Jr. and his “beloved community,” a
community of equals. Weston is on
the SFTS Alumni Council.
2007 Rebecca Barnes-Davies
(wife of M.Div. grad Peter
was among the rep-
resentatives of Presbyterian Church
(U.S.A.) environmental programs
at the White House in September.
She attended a “Greening America’s
Congregations” event sponsored by
the Environmental Protection Agen-
cy’s “ENERGY STAR” program and
the White House’s Office of Faith-
Based and Neighborhood Partner-
ships. During the event, Rebecca
Barnes-Davies, the PC(USA)’s as-
sociate for environmental ministries,
participated in a panel in which she
described the denomination’s Earth
Care Congregations program as one
model for Christian communities
to engage in energy efficiency. As a
community member at SFTS, Re-
becca was the PC(USA) Hunger Ac-
tion Enabler on campus.
2008 Mark
Shaw (MATS)
wrote a new book
Along the Way.
true story chroni-
cles the spiritual
transformation of
former Hitler
leader Ursula Martens. Based on Ur-
sula’s diary, this compelling biogra-
phy describes how, consumed with
guilt and shame over having been
used by the Nazis during WWII
when Adolf Hitler swore to control
her and other youngsters “cradle to
grave,” Ursula travels to America,
where she experiences prejudice sim-
ilar to that forced upon the Jews in
Nazi Germany. Confused about
what lies ahead, she suddenly discov-
ers self-forgiveness in the most un-
likely of places—through the love of
three Holocaust survivors. One has
romantic intentions; the other two
accept her despite her past. As God
becomes the essence of her life, Ur-
sula turns full circle from worshiping
the Swastika to worshiping the cross.
Shaw is the author of more than 20
books, including biographies of
Thomas Merton, Melvin Belli, Jona-
than Pollard and Mike Tyson.
2011 Natasha
Hicks (M.Div.)
is re-
from a PC(USA)
debt assistance pro-
gram as she answers
a call to serve as
part-time solo pastor of Mount View
Presbyterian Church, a 50-member
church in an unincorporated area of
Seattle. Hicks was featured in a Pres-
byterian News Service article about
the debt assistance program and how
it has helped her transition from
seminary to ministry. Hicks was a
recipient of the Presbyterian Study
Grant in seminary, which led to con-
nections with the Transformational
Leadership Debt Assistance Program
(TLDA). The TLDA program is de-
signed to assist seminary graduates
who serve in temporary or part-time
pastoral positions in churches of 150
members or less or in emerging wor-
shiping communities. The program
provides forgivable loans that can be
applied to their education debt. Af-
ter completion of an 18-month pe-
riod of service, the loan is forgiven.
Here’s what Hicks had to say about
the program: “The school debt keeps
you looking in the rearview mirror
in some ways, so having the assis-
tance helps me to have a more for-
ward-looking perspective of where
God is leading me and also the
church. How do we become a light
in this community, how do we love
our neighbors, how do we invest in
the children and youth and families
in this community?” she asks. “How
are we being a church that nurtures
and helps people to grow in their
2013 Jeffrey V. O’Grady
has been elected to the
Princeton Theological Seminary
board of trustees. He is pastor and
head of staff of San Marino Com-
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