of color within the Synod of the Pacific. Begun in 1991,
REAPS is one of the few continuing education entities
within the PC(USA) that is conceived and conducted by
pastors and faculty of color. Earlier this year, REAPS repre-
sentatives and SFTS faculty agreed to partner in nurturing
and supporting these pastors through the APS programs.
In his interviews with the SFTS search committee, Choy
was urged to bring back and expand on the D.Min. empha-
sis on Feminist Perspectives. He has already initiated con-
versations with members of the Justice for Women Working
Group of the (U.S.) National Council of Churches, who
have responded positively with a number of suggestions for
updating the program for a new generation of leaders.
The SFTS search committee also encouraged Choy to
enhance the Seminary’s course offerings with subjects he
has taught at other theological institutions: strategic pasto-
ral leadership, congregational leadership in times of change
and transformation, racism and white privilege, and cross-
cultural ministry. He plans to offer a “Culturally-Attentive
Conflict Management” course during the APS Summer
Session in 2013.
Choy believes it’s crucial to expand SFTS partner-
ships beyond current relationships with Seattle University,
Marylhurst University and seminaries in Korea. As a visit-
ing professor of ministry at McCormick, he helped develop
its Executive Leadership Certificate Program, which equips
congregational and denominational leaders for the practice
of ministry in today’s changing landscape. Already this
fall, the SFTS faculty has approved his proposal for a cross-
registration partnership through which D.Min. students
can complete course work for credit at both SFTS and Mc-
Cormick. The McCormick faculty is voting on this soon.
Through his service on the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Advisory Group on Theological Education in Asia and the
Pacific, he hopes to help SFTS contribute to the ongoing
nurture of leaders in partner churches.
“What kind of opportunities might APS offer?” Choy
asked. “Being strategically bifocal is about vigilance as well as
vision. I hope to vigilantly and diligently pay attention to the
needs of colleagues in ministry which SFTS seeks to serve.”
munity Church in San Marino,
Calif. He earned his M.A. from
Luther Northwestern Theologi-
cal Seminary and his M.Div. from
Princeton Theological Seminary.
Ordinations and Calls
2008 Ki Do Ahn
was ordained on
Aug. 11.
2010 Karen Thistlethwaite
was ordained on July 15 as the
minister of education for St. John’s
Presbyterian Church of Berkeley.
2010 John Scott
was ordained
in October as the pastor of Trin-
ity Presbyterian Church in
Jonesville, La.
2010 Beverly Franco
was or-
dained at Oceanside Presbyterian
Church on Nov. 18. She was or-
dained to the position of chaplain
for Casa de Manana, a retirement
community in La Jolla.
2011 Carol Prichard
was or-
dained and installed as pastor of
the United Methodist Church in
Astoria, Ore., on October 21.
2012 Jefferson Beeker
was or-
dained on June 16 as the minister of
evangelism and membership devel-
opment for First Christian Church
of North Hollywood, Calif.
2012 Aidan Dongwoo Lee
was ordained in KPCA (Korean
Presbyterian Church Abroad) on
Sept. 13 at Youngnak Presbyte-
rian Church of Portland, Ore. He
wrote: “Please pray for me to be a
truthful and faithful good pastor.”
2012 Dorothy Ruby Pollard
was ordained as an itinerate elder
by the Right Reverend T. Larry
Kirkland in October in the 148
Session of the California Annual
Conference of the African Meth-
odist Episcopal Church, thereby
completing her ordination process.
Advanced Pastoral Studies
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Summer Seminars
The SFTS Advanced Pastoral Studies Summer Seminars
will take place June 10-21, June 24-July 5, July 8-July19
Collegium Groups
From September to May, collegium groups meet
on the SFTS campus on Mondays. Collegium groups are
designed for working pastors who live in the Bay Area.
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