2012 Honor Roll of Donors
Names with an *
reflect those that have given
consecutively for the past 7 fiscal years.
Monthly donors in italics.
The Rev. Daniel C. Ketchum
The Rev. Douglas R. Baer
and Mrs. Carol L. Baer
The Rev. Dr. Lance R. Barker
* The Rev. Robert F.
and Rev. Bobbye B. Clark
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Eppinger
The Rev. Dr. R. S. Haasarud
The Rev. and Mrs. Paul L. Hall
The Rev. and Mrs. Joe O. Hawkins
The Rev. and Mrs. John F. Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Jene H. Jacoby
* Mrs. Arlene Kilgore
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Leonard
Dr. Dorothy Lincoln-Smith
and Dr. Harvey K. Smith
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Ronald A. Lundeen
The Rev. and Mrs. Paul F. Moser
The Rev. Charles W. Proudfoot
The Rev. and Mrs. James A. Remer
The Rev. Gloria S. Sannermark
* Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Schlotzhauer, Jr.
Ms. Patricia P. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James Unruh
Mrs. Lou Helen Walker
The Rev. and Mrs. William M. Witt
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Wright
* The Rev. Dr. Jim M. Chaffin
* The Rev. Orin M. Frank
* The Rev. Carlos and Mrs. Sally Lopez
Anonymous (4)
Mrs. Janie M. Abbey
Mr. James D. Akins, Jr.
Mrs. Diana L. Aldrich
Mr. Thomas P. Alexander
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Vernon P. Alexander
Ms. Elsa Amboy
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Amend, Jr.
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Willson C. Applegate
The Rev. and Mrs. Charles L. Arnold
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David E. Baker
Ms. Debra G. Baker
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Barnes
* Mr. K. W. Barnet
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Barr
Mrs. Katherine Barrass
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Jay R. Bartow
Sara and Bob Bauer
The Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Bealo, Sr.
The Rev. Dr. Bill E. Beck
and The Rev. Mary B. Beck
* Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Bell
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Berger
The Revs. Elliot and E. Bernadel-Huey
Mr. and Mrs. Mervin J. Bernier
* Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bewsher
Ms. Jerilynn I. Blackstone
Mr. and Mrs. Neil G. Blank
The Rev. Jean W. Boal and Mr. Jeff Boal
The Rev. John E. Bond
and The Rev. Diana Hopkins
The Rev. Sandra L. Borror
and Mr. William F. Borror
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bos
Mrs. Margaret E. Botka
Mrs. Margaret C. Boyd
Dr. H. Lois Brainard
Mrs. Barbara Brenner-Buder
The Rev. Dr. Daphyne K. Brown
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Raymond K. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Bryan
Ms. Marcia E. Burkart
Mrs. Beverly Burke
The Rev. and Mrs. David R. Burnight
Ms. Barbara Joyce Byers
Mrs. Sarah Campbell
The Rev. Raymond N. Capper
and Mrs. Janet B. Capper
The Rev. Lorenzo Carlisle
The Rev. Barry F. Cavaghan
and Mrs. Peggy J. Cavaghan
Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Cayler
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
John R. Chandler
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Chaney
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Chang
* Mrs. June Childers
* The Rev. and Mrs. Richard S. Chiolis
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Chitiea
Mr. Wayne Chittenden
Dr. Nam Jin Choi
Mr. Buddy Tate Choy
and Dr. Jeanne Choy Tate
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Virstan B. Choy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Christie
The Rev. and Mrs. Harry J. Chuck
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Churchill
The Rev. Scott Clark
* Mr. Vern A. Clark
Ms. Bonnie Cobb
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Coleman
Ms. Kathryn S. Coll
Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Collins
The Rev. and Mrs. John E. Converse
* Drs. Robert and Mary Coote
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Rus Corran
Ms. Wendy Craft
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
John P. Crossley, Jr.
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Arthur E. Crouch, Jr.
The Rev. and Mrs. Robert A. Crouch
* Mrs. Isabel R. Curry
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Walter T. Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Davis
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Dean
San Francisco Theological Seminary acknowledges with sincere appreciation the generous gifts
that were received during the 2012 Fiscal Year: July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012
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