2012 Honor Roll of Donors
* Ms. Elizabeth Ann McDonald
The Rev. Dr. James
and Rev. Dr. Elizabeth McDonald
Ms. Carolyn McGregor
The Revs. Robert A. McKenzie
and Marilyn Chilcote
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip B. McKinley
The Rev. Melinda V. McLain
* The Rev. Roberta H. McReynolds
and The Rev. Harold L. Rucker
* Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. McRostie
Ms. Marie Melrose
Ms. Marty Melville
Mrs. Betty M. Menist
Mr. Robert S. Meyers
Ms. SoRan Min
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Charles R. Mitchell
The Rev. Aimee Moiso
Ms. Anne M. Molteni
* The Rev. Mark T. Moon
Ms. Mary L. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morris
* Mrs. Jean M. Mudge
The Rev. John O. Najarian, Jr.
and The Daisy Najarian Fund
* The Rev. Harriet and Mr. John Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Nelson
Mr. Andrew P. Ng
* The Rev. and Mrs. James L. Nielsen
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James A. Noel, Jr.
The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth
and Mr. John Nordquist
Mrs. Esther Oleari
* The Rev. and Mrs. Alan H. Olson
The Rev. Dr. Judith E. O’Neill
and the Rev. Dr. F. P. Sabey
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Peter I. Ota
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. No Soo Pak
* The Rev. and Mrs. William R. Parry
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Laura Patterson
* Joe and Pat Paulucci
* The Rev. and Mrs. Richard G. Pearson
Ms. Patricia Perry and Mr. Mike Stone
* Mr. and Mrs. James L. Peterson
Mrs. Olwen W. Peterson
Mr. Larry Pickard
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Pope
The Rev. Linda Powers
Mrs. Kathryn M. Pratt
Mrs. Mary D. Pryor
The Elizabeth and Hugh J. Ralston
Charitable Fund
The Rev. Ellen and Mr.
Newlin Rankin
* Mrs. Lynne Reade
The Rev. Dr. Deana J. Reed
Mr. Thomas H. Reid
Dr. Benjamin A. Reist
The Rev. Mary F. Remy
Mrs. Katherine Reyes
* Mr. and Mrs. John J. Reynolds
Mrs. Nancy L. Rice
Mr. Thomas E. Rickert
* Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Riggs
The Rev. Norman P. Roadarmel
Dr. Carol S. Robb
The Hon. Earldean V.S. Robbins
The Rev. Samuel Roberts
* Mr. and Mrs. James V. Robertson
Mr. Rae R. Wilken
and Mrs. Merilie Robertson
Ms. Jillian Robinson
* The Rev. and Mrs. H. Norman Roddick
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Rodgers
The Rev. and Mrs. Lewis W. Rooker
The Rev. Dr. Deetje Poppi and the Rev.
Agustinus Rotinsulu-Tiwa
The Rev. Dr. Basil G. Royston
The Rev. Katherine J. Runyeon
Mr. A. Donald Ruygrok
The Ellen and Robert F. Sawyer Fund
Ms. Wanda L. Sawyers
* Ms. Ellen N. Schillig
* Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Schlobohm
The Rev. Theodore H. Scott
* Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Seeba
* Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Shaffer
Ms. Laverda L. Shaver
Ms. Susan Shay
The Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Sherwood
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James P. Shum
Ms. Pat Shumard
* Mrs. Jeanne P. Siegel
Mr. John Simpson
* Mr. and Mrs. John W. Simpson
Mrs. Dorothy P. Sloan
Mr. Edward A. and Mrs. Jean E. Smart
Ms. Elaine G. Smith
Mrs. Kathryn K. Smith
* The William H. Cilker Family
Foundation and the
Rev. and Mrs. Kenton W. Smith
Mrs. Marilyn A. Smith
* Mrs. Rosemary H. Smith
The Rev. and Mrs. William A. Soldwisch
Dr. Melchizedek M. Solis
and Mrs. Mytya L. Solis
* Mr. and Mrs. Will L. Spence
The Rev. Sharon G. Stanley
The Marion and Emmett Stanton
Family Fund
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. H. W. Stevens
The Rev. and Mrs. John G. Stevens
* Ms. Betty E. Stott
The Rev. Barbara Stout
Mr. and Mrs. John Stratford
The Rev. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Strehl
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. R. Scott Sullender
* Mrs. Marion Swarthout
Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Syme
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James E. Symons
* The Rev. Dr. Heihachiro Takarabe
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Mikel B. Taxer
Scott Clark
Rev. Scott Clark’s connection to SFTS
is multifaceted. He earned his Master of
Divinity from SFTS in 2009, then served as
program manager for the Program in Chris-
tian Spirituality. In 2011, he began serving
as chaplain and associate dean of student
life. Before attending seminary, Clark prac-
ticed law, and it is his organizational skills,
work ethic and integrity that make him
perfectly suited for the dual role in which
he now serves. “When I started giving to the seminary as an alum, it was
mainly an expression of gratitude to SFTS,” Clark said. “Now, in my
current job, I have the added blessing of being able to see firsthand the
remarkable ways the Holy Spirit is moving in and through our students.”
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