2012 Honor Roll of Donors
The Rev. Dr. Martha Taylor
The Rev. Dr. Neil G. Thomas
Ms. Holly Thompson
Dr. Nancy G. Thomson
* The Rev. Mary Lynn Tobin
and Dr. David C. Campbell
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Chester L.
* Dr. and Mrs. Royce Truex
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Turner
* Mr. and Mrs. William H. Turnquist
Mrs. Marjorie S. Tweedie
The Rev. and Mrs. Gregory D. Vacca
The Rev. and Mrs. Bradley Van Sant
The Rev. Lynne D. Vandercook
Ms. Holly L. Vecchio
The Rev. Leslie Veen
* The Rev. Margaret J. Veneman
The Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Vilardo
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Herman C. Waetjen
Mrs. Almarine E. Walker
The Rev. and Mrs. David Wang
* The Revs. David D.
and Wendy G. Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Kay E. Warren
The Rev. Susan V. Wells
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wells
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wenke
Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Wessels
The Rev. and Mrs. Jon S. West
* Dr. Joan R. Wheelwright
Ms. Cecilia White
The Rev. and Mrs. Daniel R. White, Sr.
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Peter E. Whitelock
Ms. Mardys Whiteman
The Rev. Dale C. Whitney, Jr.
Ms. Eleanor M. Whitney
The Rev. Dr. Joanne Whitt
and Mr. David P. Buechner
The Rev. Dr. Nancy S. Wiens
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Wiens
The Rev. Melville F. Willard
Ms. Marilyn Williams
* The Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Williams
The Rev. and Mrs. John A. Wilson
Dr. Hugh B. Wire
and Dr. Antoinette C. Wire
The Rev. Dr. Steven E. Wirth
and Mrs. Katharin E. Rundus
Mrs. Isabel D. Woodford
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Woollett
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Working
Ms. Lorna J. Wuertz
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Wylie
The Rev. and Mrs. Ian F. Young
The Rev. James E. Zeek
The Rev. and Mrs. Jesse Brown, Jr.
The Rev. Sylvia G. Edwards
Robert and Carolyn Hampel
* Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Jordan
Mrs. Ann Kirkpatrick
The Revs. David F.
and Cheryl K. D. Lamb
Dr. John A. Lee
Mr. Stewart E. Machle
The Rev. Ivan R. Rymes
The Rev. Dr. Albert W. Scarffe
Mr. Mark Shaw
The Rev. and Mrs. Sidney D. Skirvin
Mrs. Sally and Mr. Bill Thomas
The Rev. Dr. B. Clarke and Patricia Vestal
Mr. Christopher R. Ward
and Ms. Peggy Anderson
* Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Draper, Jr.
Ms. Shirley S. Dudley
The Rev. Dr. Holger O. Lundin
The Rev. Marilyn McNaughton
and Mr. Martin D. Legg
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David D. Young
The Revs. Dianne and Frank S. Deming
Mrs. Anita S. Johnson
District of Columbia
Ms. Ruth E. McDonald
* The Rev. Julian Alexander
The Rev. Dr. H. D. Crockett
* The Rev. Marilyn H. Cummings
and The Rev. James M. Cummings
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. G. R. Doerbaum
* Dr. and Mrs. Jack E. Dorsey
* Dr. and Mrs. Richard Erikson
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Dale L. Heaton
* The Rev. Dr. Rebecca
and Mr. James Langer
The Rev. Jeanne Miller-Clark
The Rev. Harvey J. C. Oster III
The Rev. Dr. John F. Payne
The Rev. and Mrs. John F. Seibert
Dr. Anna M. Wright
Mrs. Florida Ellis
Dr. and Mrs. William W. Oliver, Jr.
* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. F. Chow
The Rev. Dr. Kimberly
and Mr. Gary Fong
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Gerald G. Gifford II
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Grant S. C. Lee
The Rev. Caroline C. Miura
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Okamura
The Rev. Dr. Steven Sturm
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Richard S. Walenta
* Mr. and Mrs. James E. Young
Anonymous (1)
The Rev. and Mrs. David R. Carlson
* The Rev. and Mrs. John W. Pickrell
* Mrs. Ruth W. Solomon
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. William H. Brauer
* The Rev. Barbara
and Mr. David Carmichael
Mr. Ernest E. Fricke
* Mrs. Doreen C. Hagerty
The Rev. Mary Kay Henson
The Rev. and Mrs. Leland B. Issleib
Dr. Virginia W. Landgraf
The Revs. David and Joan Marshall
The Rev. Mark S. Merrill
The Rev. and Mrs. Donald B. Register
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
William G. Schlobohm
The Rev. and Mrs. Donald L. Simmonds
The Rev. and Mrs. Russ Skorburg
The Rev. and Mrs. Eric J. Snyder
* Dr. Jacqueline L. White
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Barnes Davies
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Mitchell
The Rev. Susan E. O’Shaughnessy
The Rev. Daniel P. Schrock
The Rev. Susan M. Barnes
and Mr. Michael L. Ferguson
Mr. Jack G. Depond
The Rev. Dr. Robert P. Hoch
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
R. Dixon Jennings
The Rev. Dr. Dale A. Patrick
and Dr. Mary W. Patrick
The Rev. Dr. Lynn M. Williams
and Mrs. Lois C. Williams
Ms. Christie M. Benson
SFTS CHIMES | Fall 2012
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