2012 Honor Roll of Donors
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Cobb
The Revs. Homer and Joyce Daniel
The Rev. and Mrs. Robert H. Frasier
Mrs. Mary E. Johnson
* The Rev. and Mrs. William L. Mulford
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Patton
Ms. Harriet C. Prichard
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Norman Simmons
* The Rev. Dr. William M. Walter
Dr. and Mrs. George R. White
Dr. Glendon C. Coppick
The Rev. Ann J. Deibert
The Rev. R. Howard McCuen, Jr.
The Rev. Jerry L. Van Marter
and Ms. Eva G. Stimson
The Rev. and Mrs. Richard L. Waddell, Jr.
The Rev. John E. Brown Ph.D.
Mrs. Dale Coddington
Mr. and Mrs. George Hipkins III
The Rev. Oscar T. Miles, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Parham Jr.
* Dr. Herbert D. Valentine
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Fisher
The Rev. Dr. George W. Baird
The Rev. Benjamin M. Baldus
The Rev. Dr. Donald P. Buteyn
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Case
Dr. William F. W. Davis
and The Rev. Roxie Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Harry W. Eberts, Jr.
The Rev. Margaret A. Fox
Dr. and Mrs. William G. Gepford
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Johnson
Ms. Sue Leong
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David T. Mair
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Moyer
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Donald L. Muench
The Rev. Sandra K. Murray
The Rev. and Mrs. Robert C. Orr
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Laird J. Stuart
The Rev. Kathryn
and Mr. Thomas Thoresen
Dr. Leanne Van Dyk
* The Rev. Marilyn Wells
The Rev. Joan B. Beebe
and The Rev. Frederick J. Beebe
Ms. Althera A. Bergren
Mrs. Pat Carlson
The Rev. and Mrs. Roger E. Grussing
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Richard H. Headen
The Rev. and Mrs. Richard A. James
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Koenig
The Rev. Robert C. Light
and Mrs. Patricia A. Light
The Revs. William and Ethel Livingston
The Rev. and Mrs. John M. MacFarlane
The Rev. and Mrs. Harry Maghakian
The Revs. Kristin and Deris L. Rice
The Severson Family Fund
of the Saint Paul Foundation
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Willis
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Dale R. Wordelman
The Rev. William T. Charlton
The Rev. and Mrs. Roland L. Jennings
The Rev. John F. Nipper
The Rev. Craig N. Palmer
and Ms. Linda J. Johnson
* Dr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Tucker
Ms. Virginia L. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Browne Barr
Ms. Barbara J. Gulick
Dr. and Mrs. Don W. Hamilton
The Rev. Douglas L. Johnson
The Rev. and Mrs. Timothy C. Lanham
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. Matule
The Rev. and Mrs. John H. Besancon
The Rev. Elaine J. Besthorn
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. J. K. Cook
The Rev. and Mrs. Roy F. Fox
The Rev. William G. Nottage-Tacey
The Rev. D. Gregory Reid
* Ms. Dorothy G. Richmond
Mrs. Mary J. Barrett
* Mrs. Kim Bolin
The Rev. Joyce A. Butcher
* The Rev. Jackie L. Leonard
* Mrs. Mary D. Marlow
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Marcus A. Mihail
* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moss
The Rev. Dr. James A. Reid, Sr.
New Hampshire
The Rev. Jolie A. Hughes
New Jersey
The Rev. and Mrs. John E. Arnedt
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Bartow
The Rev. Dr. George M. Furniss
and Rev. Sandy Larson
* The Rev. and Mrs. David J. Krotchko
The Rev. Carolyn D. Nicholson
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Neal D. Presa
* Dr. Donald P. Smith
and Mrs. Verna G. Smith
Jillian Robinson
Jillian Robinson, president of the SFTS
Auxiliary, grew up Presbyterian, attended
Presbyterian-affiliated College of Wooster
and has been a member of Sleepy Hollow
Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo, Ca-
lif., for more than 20 years. She’s served on
numerous committees for the Presbytery
of the Redwoods, but her passion is prepa-
ration for ministry. In her role as Auxiliary
president, Robinson helps connect the
outside world to SFTS students. She’s
also an annual donor. “If everyone puts a little in the pot then you get
strength in numbers,” she said. “I believe in lifelong learning. Since this
seminary is in my backyard, I want to support it in all the ways I can.”
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