2012 Honor Roll of Donors
New Mexico
The Rev. Chad E. Boliek
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Burroughs
* The Rev. and Mrs. Earl S. Harvey
* Mrs. Carol B. Holland
* Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rhoades
The Rev. and Mrs. John E. Snider
* The Rev. Dr. John K. Tritenbach
New York
* Mrs. Amy N. Akaishi
The Rev. Susan Alloway
The Rev. and Mrs. Earl B. Arnold
Mr. Chester Chang
The Revs. Susan Marie
and Robert Benjamin Goodin
Dr. James Hamilton
The Rev. and Mrs. Eddie J. Jusino, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Kuriakose
The Rev. Alexandra S. Lusak
Ms. Ann D. Mallin
The Rev. Martha R. Montovani
The Rev. James N. Newman
The Rev. Dr. David
and Mrs. Naomi Persons
The Rev. Dr. Kenneth J. Thomas
and The Rev. Margaret O. Thomas
North Carolina
* The Rev. Dr. A. W. Benson
and Dr. Arlene G. Taylor
The Rev. and Mrs. Joseph J. Blankinship
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Luther G. Brewer
The Rev. Dr. Philip W. Dunford
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Gordon C. Goodgame
The Rev. and Mrs. Donald R. Jafvert
The Rev. Dr. Richard A. K. Miles
The Rev. Dr. Flem B. Otey
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Parker
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Homer T.
Mr. Gary L. Anderson
and Mrs. Ruth A. Anderson
* Mrs. Mary H. Baird
* The Rev. Dr. Barratt R. Banta
Dr. John B. Casterline
Dr. Kathleen D. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. del Nagro
The Rev. Dr. Steve Gorman and
The Rev. Dr. Lucinda Warner Gorman
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Sydney V. Jackson
* The Rev. Johnny Merritt
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Keith D. Myers
The Rev. Dr. Gary L. Olin
The Rev. Charlsie Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Schmitkons
Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Shilling
The Rev. Robert J. Thomas
and Mrs. Evelynn E. Thomas
The Rev. Derrick L. Weston
The Rev. Dr. Michael D. Anderson
The Rev. Cheryl Finch
* Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Hershberger
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Marsh
The Rev. Dr. Thomas Murray
and Mrs. Marilyn Murray
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Roulet
The Rev. Marilyn K. Allen
Ms. Mary Louise Bartlett
* Mrs. Martha E. Beck
Ms. Eleanor R. Brauner
Ms. Dana L. Brown
* Dr. and Mrs. James M. Brown
The Rev. and Mrs. Duncan C. Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. Davison Castles
* The Rev. Albert J. Chan
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Jay Dee Conrad
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. William C. Dixon
Dr. Allen L. Dobbins
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
John C. Evans, Jr.
The Rev. and Mrs. Charles F. Falconer
The Rev. and Mrs. Norman F. Few
The Rev. and Mrs. James P. Freda, Jr.
* The Rev. Elmer R. Frimoth
The Rev. and Mr. Gebetsberger
The Revs. Robert and Mary Gillespie
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Weston D. Gray
The Rev. and Mr. Robert M. Greene
The Revs. Christopher and Susan Grewe
Mr. Robert C. Groves
The Revs. Carolyn and David Hampton
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Jack P. Hansen
Ms. Joanna S. Hart Jacobs
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Barry B. Heath
The Rev. and Mrs. Jack D. Hodges
Ms. Nancy Johns
* The Rev. Mary Virginia G. Johnston
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
James Bradford Kent
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmar Kohne
Ms. Ardath E. Lilleland
* The Rev. and Mrs. Philip U. Martin
The Rev. Dr. Pamela H. Miles
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James C. Moiso
The Rev. Elizabeth Neel
The Rev. Dr. Richard C. Neese
The Rev. Carlos E. Nunez
and Mrs. Suzy Ocampo
* The Rev. and Mrs. Rex C. Parker
The Rev. and Mrs. George D. Parsons
The Rev. and Mrs. Robert J. Perdue
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James C. Petersen
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ramsey
The Rev. Dr. Earl W. Riddle
Ms. Eleanor Rieben
* The Rev. Lucille L. Rieben
Mrs. LaVae Robertson
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Ross Robson
Sr. Loretta A. Schaff
Ms. Martha H. Shonkwiler
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Sidney G. Sowers, Jr.
The Rev. Lorraine and Mr. David Stuart
The Revs. Steven and Linda Toth
* The Peter and Ann van Bever
Charitable Fund
The Rev. and Mrs.
Kris M. Voss-Rothmeier
The Rev. Dr. John A. Waide
The Rev. Kathleen J. Waugh
Mrs. M. Jenelyn Wessler
* Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Wilkins
Mr. Charles W. Wilson
* The Rev. and Mrs. Richard K. Baker
The Rev. Dr. Carol S. Brown
The Rev. James D. Brown
The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Cahn
Mrs. Patricia M. Colson
The Rev. Cynthia and Mr. Kent Fillmore
* Mr. Robert H.
and Mrs. Heather F. Fleck
Ms. Renee S. Ingenito
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Thomas M. Johnston, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Keller
Dr. and Mrs. Harold E. Posey
The Rev. Dr. Jean M. Richardson
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. John K. Sharp
The Rev. Dr. Stephen
and Rev. Cynthia Simmons
The Rev. and Mrs. Gerard H. Weiss
The Revs. Mary Louise
and Michael Scott Wilson
Rhode Island
The Rev. Christine J. Foster
and Dr. Andrew D. Foster
South Carolina
The Rev. and Mrs. George W. Day
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Glenn
* Ms. Judith R. Gritzmacher
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