2012 Honor Roll of Donors
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Martin L. Harkey, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. L J. Taylor
South Dakota
The Rev. Elizabeth Vivian Kelsey
and Mr. George Engelmann
Mrs. Mary R. McGee
Mrs. Sara B. Barrios
Mr. James D. Pearson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Ball
Mrs. Rosario de Lugo Batlle
and Mr. Roger A. Batlle
The Rev. Christa Brewer
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Frederick W. Cassell
Dr. and Mrs. Fred L. Christen
Mr. and Mrs. Mario M. Coll III
* The Rev. and Mrs. Peter D. Crouch
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Milbrew Davis
The Rev. and Mrs. Wayne C. Eberly
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hollas
The Rev. Nan I. Jenkins
* Mr. and Mrs. Everett A. Marley, Jr.
The Rev. Dr. Carl W. McCauley
Dr. George B. McDill
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Malcolm L. McQueen
The Rev. Martin P. Miller-Hessel
and Mrs. Pamela A. Miller-Hessel
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Paul S. Nazarian
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ng
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Northcutt
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
John C. Russell, Jr.
Mr. Richard B. and Mrs.
Marguerite D. Scott-Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Smith
* The Rev. and Mrs. David L. Tritenbach
Ms. Catherine M. White
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Robert H. Rigstad
Mr. Adlai J. Amor
The Rev. Valena and Mr. James Hoy
* The Rev. and Mrs. William D. Russell
The Rev. Betty J. Young
and Mr. Phil H. Young
The Rev. and Mrs. William B. Ailes
Ms. Inez D. Allan
The Rev. Dr. Darrel E. Berg
The Rev. Dr. Glenn C. Carlson
The Rev. Ralph C. Carr
and Mrs. Joyce Carr
The Rev. and Mrs. James E. Caulkins
Mrs. Virginia D. Chappelle
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Cochran
Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Crawford
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James T. Elliott
The Revs. David Charles
and Joyce M. Emery
The Rev. and Mrs. Edward H. Fackler
Mrs. Marjorie G. Garland
Mr. J. Weaver Hess
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. John A. Hubbard
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. Jensen
The Rev. Dr. Jean S. Kim
Mr. Tim Byong-Rae Kim
and Mrs. Ramee Kim
* The Rev. and Mrs. Charles L. Klaudt
The Rev. and Mrs. Richard W. Klein
* The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Klingler
* Mrs. Merilyn S. Kraftenberg
The Rev. and Mrs. Young Ko Kwon
The Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Lake
The Rev. and Mrs. Richard B. Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Erick M. Leithe, Jr.
* Mr. and Mrs. William A. Longbrake
The Rev. and Mrs. Darrell D. Lynn
Mr. Robert S. MacFarlane
* Mrs. Sally S. Mackey
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Gerald W. Montgomery
The Rev. and Mrs. Bruce B. Mudge
Mr. Vince Herberholt
and Mrs. Catherine L Murray
The Rev. Richard Nordgren
and Ms. Fenya Kashergen
The Rev. Dr. Lawrence Dale Pennings
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Riese
* The Rev. and Mrs.
Kenneth D. Robinson
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Ervin G. Roorda
The Rev. J. S. Schaefer
and Mrs. Rebecca R. Schaefer
The Rev. and Mrs. Charles P. Schiller
The Rev. John F. Shaw
and Mrs. Julia P. Shaw
The Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Smith
* Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Stockdale
* The Rev. Dr. Allan H. Swan
* The Rev. and Mrs. J. Graley Taylor
The Rev. Dr. Margery Williams Terpstra
The Rev. Thomas J. Tweedie
The Rev. and Mrs. Nicholas D. Valadez
The Rev. and Mrs. Mark A. Wheeler
The Rev. L. John and Martha Worcester
The Rev. John V. Worthington
* Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Zeiger
West Virginia
The Rev. Rebecca S. Ritchey
* Mrs. Margaret Birchler
Peter van Bever
Peter van Bever loves to sing. Retired from
mortgage banking, he sings in the choir
at First Presbyterian Church in Portland,
Ore., and is on the Portland Opera board.
As an eight-year member of the SFTS
Board of Trustees, now serving as chair,
van Bever also sings the praises of the only
Presbyterian seminary in the West and
supports it as a monthly donor. “I believe
in and value the theological education
SFTS provides its students,” van Bever
said. “I chose to donate using the monthly automatic credit card charge
because it's easy, automatic and painless. I wish more would choose this
option.” Among the many ways van Bever continues to support SFTS
is serving on the new Strategic Planning Council.
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