Reflections...One Year Later
hen I embarked upon my journey at
SFTS one year ago, I knew without pause
that I had been blessed with a great pro-
fessional opportunity. And the chance to work in an
environment where I could openly express my love
for Jesus Christ was deeply profound. It’s wonderful
to speak the words, God, Christ, Jesus, Holy Spirit,
Praise Him, Our Father and more without fear of
being “written up” by a human resources staffer for
expressing my religion and faith in the workplace.
Hallelujah for SFTS, where God is my co-worker, and
is loved and praised throughout our community!
As I have become deeply immersed in SFTS cul-
ture, knowledgeable of its history and an ardent sup-
porter of the exciting plans for the future, I marvel at
the focused commitment of our leadership, faculty,
staff and students. And I have unearthed the best
kept secret in town; that SFTS is a magical place,
with stellar academics and a loving heart for social
justice. Now is the time to spread the word, far and
wide, about all that SFTS has to offer!
In my role as vice president of communications, I
have a job that is creative, meaningful and gives me
great joy. I lead a talented team of individuals who
love to tell stories ... your stories! Using various me-
diums including Chimes magazine, marketing and
promotional collateral, website, video, photography,
social media including Facebook and Twitter, adver-
tising and radio and television news, we are the folks
who are working with passion to tell compelling,
interesting and heartwarming stories that will bring
heightened visibility to SFTS nationally and abroad.
We are currently engaged in a branding initiative
that will inform us if we’re on the right path with our
messaging and outreach efforts, or if we need to make
a course-correction. As with all things, it is impor-
tant to re-examine our strategies and methodologies
to insure that we’re not merely keeping pace, but ac-
tively leading the way. We have cast a wide net, and
we’re excited about what the future holds for SFTS.
It is my daily prayer that we hold true to the
meaning of the Gospel, and that our hands and hearts
continue to be guided by our blessed Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ.
Grace and peace,
Dr. Kay Carney
Vice President of Communications
SFTS CHIMES | Fall 2012
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