2012 Honor Roll of Donors
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Herndon
Mr. and Mrs. H. Frederick Heuser
The Rev. John N. Hickox
Mrs. Ruth L. Hiersemann
Mrs. Jane I. Hightower
Mrs. Mary M. Holcomb
Mrs. Fern M. Holden
Mrs. Carol B. Holland
Mrs. Patricia V. Holvick
Mrs. Shirley Huebert
The Rev. James C. Huffstutler
The Rev. Dr. Riley E. Jensen
and Dr. Pamela G. Kidd
Mrs. Carol L. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson
Dr. Ruth E. Johnson
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
William N. Johnson
Mrs. Lillie Jue
The Rev. Dr. Young Chang Kahng
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Keifer
Mrs. Arlene Kilgore
Mr. Hyung Joon Kim
and Mrs. Eun Ju Choi
Mrs. Pearl Kim
The Rev. Sam Hwan Kim
Dr. Sook Ja C. Kim
and Mr. Chai Ho Kim
Dr. Young Song Kim
Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Kistner
Mrs. Grace A. Kliewer
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Klingler
Mr. John W. Kluge
The Rev. Dorothy P. Knudson
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Koenig
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmar Kohne
Mr. Otho Koontz
Mr. Robert G. Krollpfeiffer
Mrs. Florence R. Krug
Mrs. Mildred E. Lanford
The Rev. Dr. Rebecca
and Mr. James Langer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lebre
The Rev. Dr. Warren W. Lee
and Mrs. Susan Leong
Ms. Barbara B. Leibert
The Rev. Jackie L. Leonard
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Leonard
Ms. Ardath E. Lilleland
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Lin
Mrs. Dixie J. Lind
Mr. Herbert Linville
Mrs. Margaret W. Little
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Long
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Longbrake
The Rev. Carlos and Mrs. Sally Lopez
Capt. (Ret.) Paul C. Lovelace
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Ronald A. Lundeen
Ms. Florence W. Lusby
Mr. Joseph F. MacHarg
Mr. Alexander L. MacLennan
Ms. Mary B. Macquarrie
Fr. Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Maier
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Charles Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Everett A. Marley, Jr.
Mrs. Mary D. Marlow
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mayer
Dr. and Mrs. Warren C. McClain
Mrs. Helen McClure
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Donald W. McCullough
Mrs. Yvonne McKnight
Mrs. Valorie K. McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McMillian
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Merrill
Mr. Arthur Miller
The Rev. and Mrs. Dean W. Miller
Mr. Franklin L. Miller
The Rev. Kent C. Miller
Mr. James C. Milne
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James C. Moiso
Mr. John Moiso
Mrs. Ali Montague
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Montague
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Moore
Mr. James M. Mosbacher
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moss
Mrs. Anne E. Mouer
Mrs. Jean M. Mudge
The Rev. and Mrs. William L. Mulford
The Rev. Harriet and Mr. John Nelson
Mrs. Irene Ng
Mr. Michael J. Nizar
The Rev. Richard Nordgren
and Ms. Fenya Kashergen
The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth
and Mr. John Nordquist
The Rev. William G. Nottage-Tacey
Mr. Arnold J. Oehler
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Donald Oliver, Sr.
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Robert W. Olmsted
Dr. Gloria P. Olsen
Mr. and Ms. John O'Neil
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Owings
The Rev. Mary Paik
and The Rev. Dwight K. Morita
The Rev. and Mrs. Rex C. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Parkinson
The Rev. and Mrs. William R. Parry
Joe and Pat Paulucci
The Rev. Dr. John F. Payne
Mrs. and Mr. Robert G. Pearson
Mrs. Darline A. Penhalurick
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David A. Peterson
Mrs. Olwen W. Peterson
The Rev. Gayle J. Pickrell
and Mr. John W. Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pinkston
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Placier
Ms. Olga Porter
The Rev. and Mrs. Clifford A. Post
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Power
Mr. and Mrs. Will Price
The Rev. Gloria M. Pulido
Ellie Krivin
Ellie Krivin’s intimate involvement with SFTS
began in 1976 when she became a member of
the board of trustees. She served in that capacity
until 1986, and was on the president’s council
from 1997 to 2000. Ellie was an asset to the
leadership of SFTS, and her love for the semi-
nary did not end at the conclusion of her terms
of service. Ellie established a Charitable Remain-
der Trust that benefitted seminary student support
upon her death in 2009.
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