2012 Honor Roll of Donors
Mr. W. T. Ratliff
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Donald M. Rayment
The Rev. and Mrs. Paul C. Reeves
The Rev. and Mrs. Donald B. Register
Mrs. Mary L. Remy
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rhoades
The Rev. Julie Richwine
and Mr. John Richwine
Mrs. Joyce C. Ride
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Righter
The Hon. Earldean V.S. Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Robertson
The Rev. Dr. Jack B. Rogers
and Dr. Sharon M. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Gerrold R. Rubin
The Rev. and Mrs. William D. Russell
Mr. Robert H. Rustvold
Ms. Peggy H. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Saenger
Mr. Bill Saul
Mr. Robert F. Sawyer
Ms. Wanda L. Sawyers
The Rev. J. S. Schaefer
and Mrs. Rebecca R. Schaefer
The Rev. Donald H. Schilling
Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Schlobohm
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Seeba
The Rev. John F. Shaw
and Mrs. Julia P. Shaw
Ms. Angela R. Shea
Mr. Charles P. Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Shriver
Mrs. Jeanne P. Siegel
The Rev. and Mrs. Donald L. Simmonds
The Rev. and Mrs. Donald Sinclair
Mr. Dean Skanderup
Dr. Donald P. Smith
and Mrs. Verna G. Smith
The Rev. and Mrs. Kenton W. Smith
Mrs. Rosemary H. Smith
Mrs. Thelma P. Smith
The Rev. and Mrs. Eric J. Snyder
The Rev. and Mrs. Lee G. Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett C. Stanton
Mr. Charles A. Staples
Mrs. Ruth B. Stein
Ms. and Mr. Katarina Stenstedt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Sterling
The Rev. Joan N. Stock
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Stockdale
Mr. Jim Stoltzfus
and Mr. Floyd Humphreys
Ms. Betty E. Stott
Mrs. Shirley E. Strivings
The Rev. Lorraine and Mr. David Stuart
Mrs. Virginia and The Rev. Dr.
Laird Stuart
Mrs. Arline J. Taylor
Dr. Nancy G. Thomson
The Rev. Mary Lynn Tobin
and Dr. David C. Campbell
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
David T. Tomlinson
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Turnquist
The Rev. Elery B. Tyson-St. John
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin E. Ulf III
Mr. and Mrs. James Unruh
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn B. Upshaw
The Rev. and Mrs. Gregory D. Vacca
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jan van Bever
Mrs. Dorothy B. Van Camp
Mr. and Mrs. Edmundo E. Vasquez
The Rev. Margaret J. Veneman
Mr. and Mrs. Roche Vermaak
The Rev. Dr. B. Clarke and Patricia Vestal
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Herman C. Waetjen
Mrs. Almarine E. Walker
Mrs. Lou Helen Walker
The Rev. Dr. William M. Walter
Mr. David Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Kim E. Warner
Mr. Mark Warner
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Paul G. Watermulder
Mr. Charles M. Watson
Dr. N'Yisrela C. Watts-Afriyie
The Rev. Kathleen J. Waugh
The Rev. and Mrs. Jon S. West
Ms. Irma Westcott
Mr. David L. Wetzel
The Rev. Debra E. Whaley
Mr. Jeffery M. Whaley
Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Wherrett
Mrs. Edith M. Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey P. White
Dr. Jacqueline L. White
Ms. Marjorie M. White
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Ronald C. White, Jr.
Mr. Virgil R. Whitman
Mr. and Mrs. Franz S. D. Wichman
Mr. R. J. Wig
The Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Williams
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Willis
Dr. Hugh B. Wire
and Dr. Antoinette C. Wire
Ms. Ruth D. Woll
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Wright
Mrs. Ruth L. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Wulf
Dr. Edith C. Yang Hobbs
and Mr. Harold W. Hobbs
Dr. and Mrs. Choo-Lak Yeow
The Rev. Kyung Sook Yoo
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Young
Mr. Young Sik Yun
The Rev. James E. Zeek
We honor these faithful
servants who now rest in
our Lord Jesus Christ and
acknowledge with gratitude
the following estate gifts.
Estate of Arlene F.
and Albert A. Coddington
(Coddington 1989 Trust)
Margaret A. Farrer Trust
John and Abby Garwood Bequest
Estate of George A. Lagerquist
Estate of Rev. Heidi Skidmore
Hilda Thompson Trust
SFTS continually thanks God
for the wonderful works of
faith by community members
throughout the world. We are
grateful for others who honor
their legacies as well.
The Rev. F. Lincoln
and Jeannine Anderson
The Rev. and Mrs. Timothy C. Lanham
The Rev. Ralph C. Bolin
Mrs. Kim Bolin
Dr. Maximo J. Callao
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Okamura
The Rev. C. Bruce Crawford
Mr. Robert S. MacFarlane
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