2012 Honor Roll of Donors
The Rev. Dr. Richard D. Ford
Mrs. Nancy T. Ford
Mrs. Lenore Frimoth
The Rev. Elmer R. Frimoth
The Rev. Max E. Greenlee
Ms. Ann D. Mallin
Phyllis Falk Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. F. Chow
Ms. Joanna S. Hart Jacobs
Mrs. Virginia Hadsell
The Rev. and Mrs.
H. Norman Roddick
The Rev. Margaret J. Veneman
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Herman C. Waetjen
The Rev. James W. Hardy
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Richard E. Wylie
Chap. David H Johnson, Jr.
Mrs. Mary E. Johnson
The Rev. Enoch R.L. Jones
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Jones
The Rev. Dr. L. Wilson Kilgore
Dr. Dorothy Lincoln-Smith
and Dr. Harvey K. Smith
Dr. Orville Lanham
The Rev. and Mrs. Timothy C.
The Rev. Dr. Gerald D. Lyman
Mrs. Jacquelin Lyman
The Rev. Dr. Edward Machle
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
IT Department
Brinson Br Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mario M. Coll III
Mr. Stewart E. Machle
Mrs. and Mr. Bruce Northcutt
Diana Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Seeba
Eleanor (Elie) Miller
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Andrews
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Dean
Ms. Marion Fitzgerald
Ms. Heather Harwell
Presbyterian Women, St. Andrew’s
Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wenke
Ms. Jane Newhal
Mr. Michael F. Hughes
The Rev. Dr. David Ng
Mr. Andrew P. Ng
William B Seeba
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Seeba
Ted Stein
Dr. H. Lois Brainard
The Rev. Dr. Randy Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Willson C. Applegate
The Rev. Dr. Rudolf Versloot
The Rev. Dr. William H. Ives
Mrs. Barbara DWorthington
The Rev. John V. Worthington
Esteemed faculty, alumni
and churches affiliated with
SFTS help fulfill the seminary’s
mission to shape a future in
tune with God’s purposes
for the world. The seminary
thanks those who give in honor
of these Christian educators
and institutions.
Martha Brooks, DASD '01
Mr. Richard B. and
Mrs. Marguerite D. Scott-Johnson
Rev. Dr. Jana Childers
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Charles L. Bartow
Rev. Dr. John C. Evans, Jr -
75th birthday
Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Gray
Rev. Dr. Sam Hamilton-Poore
The Rev. Dr. Jim M. Chaffin
Rev. Dr. Greg Love
The Rev. and Mrs. David Wang
Rev. Dr. Jim McDonald’s
Presidental Inaugration
The Rev. Dr. Michael D. Anderson
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Arthur E. Crouch, Jr.
Immanuel Presbyterian Church
Dr. Elizabeth Liebert
Mrs. Mary D. Marlow
Ms. Ruth E. McDonald
Monte Vista Grove Homes
Mr. and Mrs. James Unruh
Dr. Jacqueline L. White
Rev. Dr. James Noel
Ms. Mary M. Grafflin
Dr. Eugene Park
The Rev. and Mrs. David Wang
Rev. Robert E. Williams 88th birthday
(Robert E and Betsy Williams
Scholarship Fund)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Christie
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Goodall
Mrs. and Mr. Larry P. Haydon
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Herndon
Arlene Coddington
Arlene Coddington was not a seminary student, nor
was she married to one, nor was she the mother of
one. Arlene’s connection to SFTS was through the
Presbyterian Church and her desire to help semi-
nary students. Her mother served on the SFTS
auxiliary in 1938 as a representative from Vallejo
Presbyterian Church, and years later Arlene con-
tinued the tradition of service on the SFTS auxil-
iary board and was president from 1974-77. Upon
her death in 2007, distributions from her estate
created the Franke-Coddington Scholarship Fund.
SFTS CHIMES | Fall 2012 43
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