In Memoriam
two full terms until 1995. He re-
joined from 2001-06. Mary Lou
Dobbins loved teaching and spent
nearly 20 years with the Portland
Public schools. A favorite destina-
tion was the family home near Lake
Tahoe, Calif. She also enjoyed inter-
esting walking holidays, including
village-to-village walks in Tuscany,
Southern England, the Italian Alps,
New Zealand and especially the
14 day walk along the Camino de
Campostelo de Santiago pilgrimage
in Northern Spain.
May Gong Lee,
Wife of Professor
Robert Lee/Auxil-
iary Member
on Aug. 8 at the age
of 83 in San Rafael,
Calif. Preceding her
in death was her husband, Rev. Dr.
Robert Lee, who became the first
professor of East Asian background
at an American seminary at SFTS
in 1961. May Lee ran the SFTS
Seek and Find Thrift store, which
still provides clothing for students,
especially those from foreign coun-
tries. She was a renowned chef and
entertainer and routinely served
multicourse banquets to SFTS stu-
dents and at many nonprofit fund-
raisers. She was one of the founding
board members of the San Anselmo
Co-Op Nursery School and volun-
teered in each of her children’s class-
es at Wade Thomas, Red Hill and
Drake High. For many years she
was on the board of Marin Chinese
Cultural Association and helped
support the restoration of China
Camp. She was a firm believer in
education and the arts and spent
every Monday for the past few
years volunteering in classrooms at
San Pedro Elementary School and
Thursdays working in the Gallery/
Store at Youth in Arts.
Indira Singh, Wife of Professer
Surjit Singh
died on May 16 at the
age of 92. She was the wife of Surjit
Singh, Jesse Hays Baird Professor of
Christian Philosophy, who died in
May 2006. The Singhs moved from
India to San Anselmo in 1951 and
they were part of the SFTS com-
munity for nearly four decades. The
Singhs visited the sick and elderly,
sharing joy, laughter and good
food. The Singhs’ contributions to
SFTS and throughout Marin were
honored during a memorial service
in September at First Presbyterian
Church, San Anselmo.
1945 Erwin E.
Bollinger (BD)
died at the age
of 92 in May in
Napa, Calif. From
seminary he was
called to pastor the
First Presbyterian Church in Mount
Pleasant, Utah, where he also served
as an instructor of Bible at nearby
Wasatch Academy and as coach of
the tennis team. He was then called
to serve as associate minister at the
First Presbyterian Church, Salt Lake
City, Utah, with a focus on Bible
studies preaching in several other
Utah Presbyterian churches. In
1957, he was called to the pastorate
of First Presbyterian Church, Napa,
where he served for 24 years. His
name, together with that of Rev.
Richard Wylie, is engraved on a his-
torical plaque on the church lawn.
He became coordinator of the Eng-
lish department’s tutoring program
at Vintage High School in Napa
and consultant to the school’s com-
munity service information officer.
He was also a member of Kiwanis,
offering opening prayers. Copies of
his prayers in print are still offered
occasionally at Kiwanis meetings.
He was appointed interim minister
to Presbyterian churches in Car-
son City, Nev., Portland, Ore., and
Woodland, Sanger and Yountville,
Calif. He became volunteer spiri-
tual care chaplain at Queen of the
Valley Medical Center and chaplain
of Redwood Retirement Home.
1947 David C. Jacobsen (BD,
MTh ’62)
passed away July 4 at
the age of 90 in Mill Valley, Calif.
He was called to be pastor at Sau-
salito Presbyterian Church from
1960-69 and then returned to the
church from 1972-75. He and his
wife of 66 years, Helen, who passed
away in March 2011, were deeply
loved by the Sausalito Presbyterian
Church community. Together they
developed and led a Prayer Renewal
workshop all over the country and
began a healing prayer group here
that continues to meet. As a pastor,
Jacobsen created the dialogue ex-
change during worship and opened
wide the church doors so that all
people might feel welcomed and
loved at a time of great social up-
heaval in this country.
1948 Conway B.
Lanford, Sr. (BD,
MA ’51)
died July
2 at the age of 95
in Clovis, Calif.
He celebrated his
70th wedding an-
niversary on June
13 just before he passed. After Pearl
Harbor, he enlisted in the Army
Air Corps. In 1951 he was recalled
into the Air Force and served as a
chaplain until his retirement in
1968. After earning a masters in
counseling from University of Ne-
vada, Reno, he became a counselor
at Imperial Valley College until
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