In Memoriam
1958 Gilbert William Allen (BD)
passed away on Sept. 7 at the age of
78 in Beaumont, Calif. After earn-
ing his degree at SFTS, he became
associate pastor at Beverly Vista
Presbyterian Church in Beverly
Hills. He was also a pastor in Paco-
ima, Calif., and started a Presbyte-
rian church in Huntington Beach,
Calif. In the late ’60s, Allen moved
to San Bernardino, Calif., as pastor
of the First Presbyterian Church.
He entered into the business world
in 1982 working for Kimstock
Inc, in Santa Ana, Calif.; Clarion
Manufacturing in Marble, Penn.,
and lastly with Lasco Bathware in
Anaheim, Calif. He retired from
Lasco Bathware in January 2012.
His faith always remained a very
important part of his life.
1966 Thomas Walter Elke (BD)
died at the age of 82 in June in
Napa, Calif. In the 1960s, Tom at-
tended SFTS and was one of more
than 50 seminary community
members who marched from Selma
to Montgomery with Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr., during the Civil
Rights movement. He later provid-
ed legal services to people who had
been arrested or detained. He was
an ordained Presbyterian minister
three years later in 1968. While
practicing law, he was assistant pas-
tor at Faith Presbyterian Church in
Oakland and later affiliated with
Sojourner Presbyterian Church in
Richmond, Calif. Elke was a bril-
liant, unconventional, lawyer. He
established precedent-setting law in
the area of securities and antitrust
fraud in his representation of the
little guy against large corporations.
He was willing to take the hard-to-
win or non-lucrative cases if there
was a legal or moral principle. He
had a lifelong internal struggle with
accepting and enjoying the rewards
of his own efforts and success in the
midst of injustice and inequity in
the world around him. In 1945 at
the age of 15, he began his under-
graduate education on scholarship
at Stanford University. He contin-
ued at Stanford Law School, com-
pleting his Juris Doctor in 1952. In
1962, Elke was a founding partner
of the San Francisco law firm Elke,
Farella &Braun (now Farella, Braun
& Martel). In reflecting on his pro-
fessional life, he was most proud of
the time and money he dedicated
to establishing a public interest law
curriculum at Stanford Law School.
At least once a decade, Elke hurled
himself into a new study or endeav-
or. He believed pursuits outside the
legal profession defined him at least
as much as his work as a lawyer.
1972 Lorrin Arthur Kreider (STD)
died Feb. 29 at the age of 82 in
Wooster, Ohio. Born in Istanbul,
Turkey, he grew up in Ohio before
attending McCormick Theological
Seminary and SFTS. Kreider served
as a Presbyterian minister for over
40 years with congregations in Il-
linois (Willow Springs, Mt. Zion
and DeKalb) and Ohio (Athens
and Worthington). He also served
as an interim minister in Cleveland
Heights, Ohio, and Ithaca, New
1977 Laurence
James Huggett
away in March
2011 in Fair Oaks,
Calif., at the age
of 88. During his
career he led more than a dozen
churches in Northern California
and Idaho. His writings, lessons
and sermons were noted for their
scholarship, Biblical insight, hu-
mor and poetry, qualities that led
to his election as moderator of the
Sacramento Presbytery in 1997. He
was an Army Air Force sergeant in
Alaska from 1942-45. He served
as a Christian education director
at Bellflower Presbyterian Church
from 1951-65, then at Fair Oaks
Presbyterian. After graduating from
SFTS, he was ordained in the Fair
Oaks church in 1976 and then
served as pastor of Walnut Grove
Community Presbyterian in 1977.
He retired in 1987, but continued
to work as interim pastor in Idaho
churches. In 1990 he returned to
Fair Oaks for interim pastor work
in Northern California and as par-
ish associate pastor at Celtic Cross
1984 George O. Elgin (D.Min.)
died on Sept. 10 in Clovis, Calif.,
at the age of 78 after a long struggle
with cancer. Elgin believed in the
power of education to complement
faith in personal actualization.
Education became a cornerstone
of his ministry. He attended Wes-
ley Theological Seminary, earning
a Master of Divinity. He furthered
his education at Long Island Uni-
versity, while also attending chap-
lains school, earning a master de-
gree in science and education. He
taught philosophy, psychology, so-
ciology and religion as an adjunct
professor. He also taught classes on
a number of theological themes, in
addition to personal growth and or-
ganizational development. He was a
decorated veteran who served over
20 years in the United States Army
as a chaplain. His service included
tours of duty in Germany and Viet-
nam. Following his retirement from
the military, Elgin continued to
serve the church for many years as
a Methodist pastor. He focused his
ministry on helping people through
education and leadership to fulfill
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