In Memoriam
their mission to make the world
a better place. At Clovis United
Methodist Church in Clovis, Calif.,
he led many popular seminars and
workshops. His passion for justice,
particularly for children, led him to
work as a mediator for the Madera
Family Court Services. In his book,
Rational Christianity
, Elgin extols
tolerance and cooperation with the
many faiths of the world. He exem-
plified this by his participation in
and promotion of the Clovis Inter-
faith community.
1986 Ian S. Williams (D.Min.)
died on July 19 at the age of 76 in
Australia after his health declined
due to Alzheimer’s disease. He was
ordained in the Methodist Church
in 1964. While serving a church in
St. Kilda, he ventured into politics
and won a seat on the St. Kilda city
council for five years, including two
years as mayor. It was always of great
significance to him that in his may-
oral year (1973-74) the local Jewish
rabbi conducted a civic service in
the synagogue in his honor, not only
recognizing him as the mayor of the
city, but also acknowledging him as
the minister of the local Methodist
Church. Williams saw this as a tan-
gible act of ecumenism. He served as
president of the Australian Council
of Churches International Affairs
Committee. At Queen’s College,
he was director of field education
within the Theological Hall of the
(now) Uniting Church of Australia.
He worked within the Theological
Hall for 14 years, being principal of
the hall for his last 10 years there.
He was elected president of Queen’s
College in 1989.
1992 Julian Philip Park (STD)
passed away April 12 at the age of
78 in Portland, Ore., under hos-
pice care. Before attending SFTS,
Park earned a divinity degree from
Princeton Theological Seminary.
He served as a missionary in Japan
from 1987-2001. During this time
he worked with the Korean Chris-
tian Church to protest discrimina-
tion against the Korean minority in
Japan. Later, he taught on the fac-
ulty of the Department of Law and
Political Science at Kwansei Gakuin
University in Nishinomiya, Japan.
He also served as pastor of St. Mark’s
Presbyterian Church prior to his ser-
vice in Japan.
1995 Linda Snyder
died June
12 of complications
from necrotizing
fascitis at the age of
62 in Sacramento,
Calif. Snyder led a
multicultural congregation at Flo-
rin United Methodist Church in
Sacramento from 2001-11. She was
a board member and former presi-
dent of the South Sacramento In-
terfaith Partnership and volunteered
at the group’s food pantry. She was
appointed pastor of Citrus Heights
United Methodist Church last year
but stepped down in January after
she was diagnosed with necrotizing
fasciitis. The bacterial infection, also
known as flesh-eating disease, devel-
oped in an abscess on her back and
led to a coma, pneumonia and other
complications. Before seminary, she
graduated from UC Berkeley with
a master’s degree in early childhood
education and added a teaching cre-
dential from California State Uni-
versity, San Francisco. She taught
preschool and after-school programs
in Redwood City and oversaw day
care and other nonmilitary services
at Moffett Field Naval Air Station.
In 1995, she started her ministry as
a United Methodist pastor in Sebas-
topol. She served on the board of
Ordained Ministry of the Northern
California-Nevada Annual Confer-
SFTS also prayerfully
Ernest Dossett Dimaline (BD ’46)
died in March 2009 at the age of 93
in Texas, where he spent his entire
ministry. He served Presbyterian
churches in Sharp, Stephenville,
Richardson, Midland, Webster and
Austin. In Webster, he had the priv-
ilege of ordaining astronauts John
Glenn and Buzz Aldrin as elders in
his church.
John G. Phillips (BD ’49)
passed away at the age of 94 in 2011
in Claremont, Calif.
Charles L. Edwards (BD ’52)
Nicholas Bosworth (BD ’59)
passed away at the age of 79 earlier
this year. He served as pastor at Riv-
erside Presbyterian Church in Cocoa
Beach, Fla., from 1964-68.
Jack E. Henshaw (BD ’54)
died at
the age of 82 in 2010 in Cave City,
Edward Peacock (M.Div. ’64,
D.Min. ’74)
passed away on June
22 at the age of 76 in Rohnert Park,
Calif. , 2012.
Louis R. Taylor (D.Min. ’90)
passed away in Edmonds, Wash.
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