“Seminaries are
laboratories for incubating
religious leaders
who have been called
by God to encourage and challenge communities
to live out the Good News of Jesus Christ.”
James McDonald
Over the past year, the Worship
Lab services have included experi-
encing the Spirit through percus-
sion instruments and praying to God
through motion. Other themes have
been timed for days of remembrance
such as Domestic Violence Awareness
Month, reflecting on how Jesus stood
with those who were victims and tar-
gets of violence, and National Coming
Out Day. During Welcome Week, the
Worship Lab service explored a theme
of Eat, Pray, Love: As community
members prayerfully walked the Ge-
neva Terrace labyrinth, they would eat
grapes, pray with someone, and experi-
ence God’s love by receiving a blessing.
Min-Hee Kim is a second-year
Master of Divinity student from South
Korea who serves as a chaplain’s assis-
tant. She says that differences among
this year’s four chaplain’s assistants —
just like differences within churches
— open doors to think beyond one’s
own realities and gifts.
“When I understand something,
I tend to visualize that concept with
images from my context,” Kim said.
“For example, the percussion Worship
Lab was designed with the purpose of
relieving stress of the seminary com-
munity since I’ve felt that all members
of SFTS were feeling some stress from
their work, including me. What sur-
prises me is that I can concentrate on
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Above, chaplain’s assistant Min-Hee Kim shares grapes
as the SFTS community reflects on Eat, Pray, Love.
Below, community members pray to God through motion.
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