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the church of the 21
“Right now we are seeing the end of the
church as we know it,” said Craig Williams, of
Presbyterian Centers for New Church Innova-
tion. “But we are about to see the beginning of
something new.”
These new worshiping communities start
with new ideas. After the new ministries have
been created and are able to sustain themselves,
they can become worshiping communi-
ties in their presbyteries and recognized
as part of the 1,001 new ministries
within the denomination.
These new ministries are
often quite diverse. Among
those discussed by work-
shop participants were
outreach to athletes in
Louisville, Kentucky,
and a community-garden
ministry in Syracuse,
New York, both of which
are now recognized
as worshiping com-
munities within
the PC(USA).
Key ingredients in the success
of these new communities are
creative ideas, the energy to
carry them out, and a drive
to minister to unchurched
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