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SFTS student captivates conference attendees
By Kay Carney
entley Stewart, a second-year
M.Div. student at San Fran-
cisco Theological Seminary,
traveled to New
Orleans in March
to speak at the an-
nual assembly of
the American Acad-
emy of Hospice and
Palliative Medicine
(AAHPM) and the
Hospice and Pal-
liative Nurses As-
sociation (HPNA).
Addressing a capacity crowd of more
than a thousand attendees, Stewart
examined the topic The Wounded
Healer: Constructing Spirituality out
of Personal and Professional Losses.
Stewart offers a unique perspective
as a result of his previous experience
working as a pediatric chaplain, a job
he describes as challenging yet spiritu-
ally rewarding. During his tenure at
a medical facility in Orlando, Florida,
he served on the Ethics Committee,
which he viewed as an important tool
in carrying out his role as chaplain.
Stewart’s invitation to speak in
New Orleans came about as a result of
an encounter with an oncologist while
he was taking a bio-ethics course at the
Kennedy Institute at George Washing-
ton University in 2010. This encounter
was especially meaningful to Stewart
on a personal level. Early in life, he had
witnessed his father face the challenges
of cancer and the need for palliative
care. Stewart was nine years old when
his father succumbed to the disease.
“My experience with hospice dates
back to 1984, when we had hospice in
the home for my father,” he says.
Learning of Stewart’s background
and his role as a pediatric chaplain, the
oncologist invited him to present with
her at the assembly of the AAHPM
and HPNA. It was an invitation he
was honored to accept.
Stewart’s message to the assem-
bly focused on what it means to be a
SFTS CHIMES | Summer 2013
See Stewart on page 38
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