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By Christopher Schilling
n Saturday, May 25, San
Francisco Theological Semi-
nary awarded 59 degrees and
certificates and commissioned its class
of 2013 to do ministry in the larger
“Your theological education, my
friends, has to go somewhere, has to
mean something more than an MA,
an M.Div., a D.Min., or a Ph.D. on
your resumé,” SFTS President James
McDonald said in his commencement
sermon. “Now it’s time to pivot and
take what you’ve learned here to its
logical conclusion. Now it’s time to
present your bodies as a living sacri-
fice, holy and acceptable to God. Now
it’s time to be transformed by the re-
newing of your minds.”
The weekend of commencement
activities at SFTS began on Friday,
May 24, with a community lunch,
during which members of the class of
2013 received awards and recognition
for academics, preaching ability, and
seminary community involvement. In
recognition of their academic achieve-
ments, Laura Nelson received the
Alumni Fellowship and Julie Barnes
received the Seminary Fellowship. In
recognition of their preaching abil-
ity, Katherine Buck was awarded the
Martin Dwelle Kneeland Preaching
Prize and Faith McClellan received
the David Esler Award in Homiletics.
Charles Wei and Laura Nelson were
recognized for their deep involvement
in the SFTS community.
Commenting on her recognition
for preaching, McClellan said, “I was
humbled and honored to get this award
in homiletics. Through my training at
SFTS applauds
new graduates
See Commencement on page 37
Above: Julie
Barnes, Talitha
Phillips, and
Ernest Jackson
Right: Suyoung
Jack Hodges,
speaks to the
Above: Kevin
Lee Bates
Left: Charles
Wei, Mike
Wilson, Faith
Schilling, and
Julie Barnes
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