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Mind, body, and spirit …
more than a ‘Monologue’
By Christopher Schilling
t started out as a conversation
three years ago among four fe-
male students at San Francisco
Theological Seminary. They won-
dered if there would be any interest
on campus in a performance that
could serve as a voice for the mil-
lions of women in the world who
have been silenced by abuse and
oppression. Today, a production
called Vagina Monologues, per-
formed for the first time at SFTS
in 2011, has given these women a
voice. Not only that, the students
involved in the production have
empowered their seminary and
the larger community to be a voice
for all those facing injustices in the
This spring, 18 female SFTS
students, staff, faculty, and com-
munity members of different ages,
cultures, and backgrounds per-
formed the Vagina Monologues.
Based on Eve Ensler’s original pro-
duction, the play features various
monologues designed to empower
women by helping them appreciate
their own bodies. By telling their
stories, the female characters fea-
tured in the production help raise
awareness of the many women
around the world who are being
abused and oppressed.
“If you talk about one out of
three women experiencing some
sort of violence in her lifetime,
pretty much every person on the
Melody Stanford
Dori Hjalmarson
Susan Lawler
SFTS CHIMES | Summer 2013
See Monologues on page 40
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