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SFTS CHIMES | Summer 2013
Rev. Dr. Virstan Choy
Director of Advanced
Pastoral Studies, and
alumna, SarahMoore-
Nokes co-taught an
April 18-20 seminar
on “Change, Col-
laboration, and Conflict” for the San
Francisco Cohort of the McCor-
mick Theological Seminary Execu-
tive Leadership Certificate Program.
Choy participated in the April 26-
29  Consultation on Theological
Education in Asia and the Pacific at
Silliman University in the Philip-
pines.  Sponsored by the Presbyteri-
an Church (USA) Office on Asia
and the Pacific Area and convened
by SFTS alumnus and Moderator of
the General Assembly, Neal Presa,
this event was a response to requests
from partner denominations for
PC(USA) assistance in enhancing
the education of their pastors.
Rev. Laurie
Assistant Professor
of Pastoral Care and
Education is delight-
ed to announce the
venture to offer
Clinical Pastoral Education between
San Francisco Theological Seminary
and Spiritan University College, a
Roman Catholic university located
in Ejisu, Kumasi, Ghana. The cross-
cultural educational experience has
been accepted in principle by both
faculties and plans are to launch the
collaborative relationship for the
2014-2015 academic year.  She ac-
knowledges Fr. Peter Laast, C.S. Sp.,
Fr. Francis Donkor Jackson, C.S.Sp,
and Fr. Samuel Oppong, C.S.Sp for
participating in the movement of
God’s spirit to bring together this
educational opportunity. She is also
presenting a lecture on October 5,
2013, joined by The Marin Baroque
Chamber Choir as part of a lecture
and concert on “Spirituality and
Music” focusing on the Romantic
Era.  The Lecture begins at 7pm,
with the concert following at 8pm,
in Montgomery Chapel. Garrett-
Cobbina is also leading “Book Talk”
a theological reading and discussion.
The book that will be discussed is
God’s Presence: Theological Reflection
on Prayer
, by Dr. Marjorie Suchocki.
The event will be held on Saturday,
November 9, 2013, 10am, Scott
Hall, 101.  
Rev. Dr. Eugene
Eung-Chun Park
published “Rachel’s
Cry for Her Chil-
Treatment of the In-
fanticide by Herod”
in the
Catholic Bibli-
cal Quarterly
75 (2013), pp. 473-
485. He also offered the introduc-
tion and commentary for the Gospel
of Matthew in the CEB (
English Bible
) Study Bible (Abing-
don Press, 2013).
He preached at an ordination
service at San Jose Sarang Korean
Church on March 3. He is currently
working on a paper, “The itinerant
philosophers in the Cynic literature
and the Galilean wandering mis-
sionaries in the Gospel of Matthew,”
which will be presented at the 68th
SNTS meeting in Perth, Australia in
July 2013.
Park is one of the two mentors to
15 junior scholars in humanities and
social sciences selected from various
Asian universities at a summer re-
search program held at the Chinese
University of Hong Kong from June
1 to July 5.
Park will give a series of lectures
on “The Quest for the Historical Je-
sus” at the First Presbyterian Church
of Burlingame (1500 Easton Dr.
Burlingame, CA 94010) on October
27, November 3 & 10. 
Dr. Annette
In November 2012 ,
Schellenberg gave
a presentation on
“Prayer in the Old
Testament” in the
workshop on “Prayer”, offered to-
gether with SFTS faculty Annette
Weisenrieder, Chris Ocker, and Sam
In March 2013, Schellenberg
presented a paper on Borders in the
Old Testament in the conference
on Borders organized by Annette
Schellenberg was promoted from
Associate Professor I to Associate Pro-
fessor II, and offered a Bible study on
“Justice and Righteousness in the
Hebrew Bible” at First Presbyterian
Church San Anselmo in March. She
also offered a bible study on “Justice
and Righteousness in the Hebrew
Bible” at Montclair Presbyterian
Church in Oakland in May.
Dr. Annette
held a workshop on
“Borders: Terms, Ide-
ologies, and Perfor-
semester. (see page 25
for full story)
The workshop was part of the
Muilenburg-Koenig History of Re-
ligion Seminar, coordinated this
year by Dr. Weissenrieder. During
the semester, students in the semi-
nar learned about different pos-
sibilities in scholarly argumenta-
tion for understanding the concept
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