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SFTS CHIMES | Summer 2013
Alumni of the class of 1963
return to SFTS for 50th reunion
By Christopher Schilling
t has been 50 years since John Ev-
ans and his classmates graduated
from San Francisco Theological
Seminary. Yet, despite the different
directions he and his classmates have
gone since graduation, there was a
sense of homecoming when Evans
joined 16 other members of the class of
1963 on campus for their 50th reunion
April 11–13.
The reunion took place during the
T.V. Moore Lecture series. Many of
those who attended had not seen each
other since they graduated in 1963.
They spent three days catching up with
each other, sharing stories, and talking
with a few of their old professors.
“We have been looking forward
to this seminary reunion—not just to
be back at SFTS, but to be with those
with whom we shared a fantastic time
in our life,” Evans said. “It was a high
point for those who attended, and the
team that planned the reunion worked
hard to get as many alumni to the re-
union as possible.”
Evans recalled that in 1963, more
than 53 graduates were recognized for
completing the various degrees offered
at the time. The early 1960s was a time
of social upheaval. The Vietnam War
and the Civil Rights movement were
beginning to make headlines. And
while the United States was still very
much a Christian society, that too was
beginning to change.
The early 1960s was also a time of
change at SFTS. As president of the
seminary, Theodore Gill became an
influential voice not only on campus
but throughout the larger church.
During Evans’ time as a student, Karl
Barth visited SFTS. Evans recalls how
the renowned Reformed theologian
walked around campus with students
and discussed various theological con-
When the class of 1963 arrived
at SFTS, two influential professors
Members of the Class of 1963 gather at Alumni Reunion.
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