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Jim Adams (STD)
retired from pastoral
ministry after 41 years
to pursue the sport of
fencing, a long-time
passion. He is active
in veteran fencing at the national
and international level and has won
seven national championships in his
age group. He has represented the
United States at the world veteran
championships 12 times, has won
three silver and three bronze medals
in world championship competi-
tions, and served as team co-captain
in Moscow in 2009. He has been a
national fencing referee since 2004
and has refereed numerous national,
regional, local, and college champi-
onships. Adams pays frequent visits
to his two great-granddaughters,
Gabrielle and Melody. “I don’t know
how I could be any happier,” he says.
Selisse Berry
is founder
and chief executive of-
ficer of Out & Equal
Workplace Advocates.
Out & Equal is fo-
cused on ending employment dis-
crimination for LGBT workers,
which is the topic of Berry’s new
book, published this spring and en-
Out & Equal atWork: From the
Closet to the Corner Office
. “While
14 countries have better protections
than the U.S. with marriage equali-
ty, 76 still have laws criminalizing
homosexuality,” Berry said. Of the
anthology of 36 U.S. and interna-
tional stories from LGBT and ally
corporate executives, adding, “Poli-
cies are only one step toward true
inclusion. True change occurs when
equality is no longer a piece of legis-
lation, but the experience of real
people in the workplace.” Berry said
the book is a reminder that “it really
does get better.”
Out & Equal at
isn’t Berry’s first book; in fact
she collaborated with Janie Spahr,
another SFTS graduate, to edit
Called Out: The Voices and Gifts of
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgen-
dered Presbyterians.
Both books are
available at
Chris Highland
known as the “Pres-
byterian Rabbi” dur-
ing his time at SFTS,
because he frequent-
ly attended Rabbi Jerry Winston’s
synagogue services in Montgomery
Chapel. He spent 25 years serving as
interfaith chaplain in a variety of set-
tings, including at Cedars School of
Marin, Marin County Jail, and
Marin Interfaith Street Chaplaincy.
He also spent 10 years as a parish as-
sociate at St. Luke’s Presbyterian
Church. He and the Rev. Carol Ho-
vis, a Presbyterian minister and the
executive director of the Marin In-
terfaith Council, were married at
Green Gulch Zen Center with Zen
and Tibetan Buddhist, Christian,
Jewish, and Wiccan celebrants.
Since becoming a Freethinker in
2001, Highland has published mul-
tiple books, spent time living in a
small cabin on Whidbey Island in
Washington state, and returned to
Marin County to teach at Domini-
can University and direct an emer-
gency shelter. He currently manages
Tam House, an ecumenical housing
cooperative for seniors, where he
once received assistance when he was
homeless with an infant daughter.
Regarding his current role at the
nonprofit that once opened its doors
to him, he remarks, “What a circle!”
Daniel Wolpert
has taught
in the fields of psy-
chology and spiritu-
al formation over the
past 25 years and has
led retreats in such settings as the Art
of Spiritual Direction Program at
SFTS, the Youth Ministry and Spiri-
tuality Project, national ministry
conferences, UCLA, UND medical
school, Luther Seminary, and nu-
merous churches. He currently
serves as pastor of First Presbyterian
Church in Crookston, Minnesota,
and is a co-founder of the Minneso-
ta Institute for Contemplation and
Healing (MICAH). Wolpert is also
the author of
Leading a Life with
God: The Practice of Spiritual Leader-
(Upper Room, 2006),
a Life with God: The Call of Ancient
Prayer Practices
(Upper Room,
2003), co-author of
Meeting God in
Virtual Reality: Using Spiritual Prac-
tices with Media
(Abingdon, 2004),
and most recently author of
The Col-
lapse of the Three-Story Universe:
Christianity in an Age of Science
CAH, 2013). He is married to Dr.
Debra Bell, and they have two sons,
Sam and Max.
Graig Flach (M.
lives in Port-
land, Oregon, with
his wife, Laura, an
early primary teach-
er in public school,
and two daughters,
Ariel and Zoe, who will soon be
entering high school. Flach serves
as Associate for Church Education
and Missions at Lake Grove Pres-
byterian Church. He says, “I am
fortunate to serve a thriving con-
gregation with a united and sup-
portive staff. The only thing that
took me by surprise in the transi-
tion from seminary to ‘real ministry’
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