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105 Seminary Road
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Bible Study
September 14, 2013
Join us on campus Saturday, September 14
for Horizons Bible Study, sponsored by the
SFTS Auxiliary.
Rev. Dr Janice Catron
will lead bible study on the
topic of An Abiding Hope:
The Presence of God in
Exodus and Deuteronomy.
Online registration begins
June 25, and the cost is
$20 per person. For more
information, please contact
Janel Stewart at
Help new Seminary students settle into life
at SFTS by donating your gently-used
household items for this year’s Furniture
Fair! New students will get to choose
among donated sofas, lamps, bookcases,
pots, pans, dishes, electronics and other
items to help make their apartment a home.
Donations can be dropped off Sunday, August
18 from 1-4pm in Lower Alexander Hall. The
Furniture Fair will be
held on Wednesday,
August 21 from
1-4:30pm in Lower
Alexander Hall.
For more informa-
tion, please contact
Stephanie LaMonaca
or 415-451-2824.
August 21, 2013
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