ome to San Francisco Theological Seminary this summer
to refresh your spirit, deepen your understanding, and
broaden your skills in a shared learning community of
ministry practitioners! Seminars in each two-week session involve
three hours of in-class work each morning, with afternoons and
evenings for between-class reflection, informal fellowship, and
enjoyment of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Tuition per seminar is $600.
Session 1
Sun., June 9
Students arrive
Mon., June 10 — Fri., June 21
First two-week seminar
Session 2
Sun., June 23
Students arrive
Mon., June 24 — Fri., July 5
Second two-week seminar
Session 3
Sun., July 7
Students arrive
Mon., July 8 — Fri., July 19
Third two-week seminar
June 10—July 19, 2013
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