SESSION 3: July 8 – July 19
Foundational Seminar 3: Culture and Mission:
Social Theory for Theologians
Instructor: Rev. Carol Robb, Ph.D.
, Margaret Dollar Professor of Christian Social Ethics, SFTS.
This foundational seminar in the Doctor of Ministry program explores recent social theory as
it informs contemporary pastoral theologians’ mission and ministry. In this course students
will explore developments in religiosity in the global context and in the national context, and
make an effort to understand these developments as social phenomena. We will also explore
the moral and theological challenges generated by the current multicultural context, reflect
upon our social locations in this context, and clarify the grounding for mission. In addition to
the written texts, we will use the texts of our own experiences.
Resource Seminar 3A: Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counseling
Instructor: Rev. Kirsten Oh, Ph.D.
, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology
at Azusa Pacific University and Adjunct Faculty at Fuller Theological Seminary.
This course focuses on identifying cultural factors in the caring and counseling processes. It
seeks to provide students with a way of understanding people within their cultural context
in a flexible and sensitive way. As part of a cultural context, this course means to include
gender, age, class, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, cognitive and physical characteristics,
and religious orientation. By understanding the cultural factors operative in the counseling
relationship, students will be better equipped to serve in multicultural settings. Dimensions of
personal experience such as identity, sense of belonging and worldview form a framework
for an adaptable method in intercultural pastoral care and counseling. This framework will
be the reference point during the course as students develop their own understanding.
Thus, the emphasis of the course will be on methodology rather than on comprehensive
cultural knowledge.
Resource Seminar 3B: Theological Voices for the 21st Century
Instructor: Sarah Lilly Heidt, Ph.D.
, Professor of Philosophy, Ecumenical Theological Seminary,
Detroit, Michigan.
In this course we will focus on addressing these themes: (1) the theological basis of
ecumenism and the practice of ecumenical dialogue which is open-minded and respectful,
(2) critical reflection on theological tradition in light of contemporary issues in the church
and within theology itself, (3) the need for and possibilities of inter-religious dialogue, (4)
exploring the ethical ramifications of various theological concepts, and (5) developing
theological perspectives in order to prepare more effective church leaders.
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