Summer 2014 - OT-8475
Theologies in the Old Testament - 2014 Summer Online Course

Join SFTS for a four-week, online course that will cover topics of Theological Discussions in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. This online intensive course is open to SFTS and GTU students, as well as members of the non-student community. The course will be taught by Dr. Annette Schellenberg, Associate Professor of Old Testament at SFTS, and will also be offered as a D.Min. class with a modified syllabus. For more information - click here

The course will meet for four weeks, beginning June 9, 2014 and ending July 3, 2014. There are no required meeting times. However, students should be aware that this is an intensive course that requires intensive work. The course will conclude with a 10-page written paper due July 31, 2014.

Course Description:
In the Old Testament, many theological questions are addressed that are still relevant for our own theological thinking. In this course, we will study the different Old Testament answers given to these questions and then extend the Old Testament discourse to our own time.

This course will examine such questions as: Who is God? How is God present among humans? How do humans know about God? What is nature/creation? How does God act in history? What is the human nature? What is sin and what can be done about it? How shall God be worshipped? What is the relationship of "us" and "the others"? How can the world be a place of justice and peace?


Current SFTS/GTU students:
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