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Full-time students at San Francisco Theological Seminary's Northern California campus can enjoy subsidized on-campus housing just a short stroll from the quaint downtown area of San Anselmo, an upscale and quiet town with cafes, restaurants, shops and excellent public schools. San Francisco is only a 30-minute drive from campus, providing SFTS students with an incredibly rich home away from home to pursue their calls to ministry.

Please note that housing on the SFTS Northern California campus is provided primarily for students enrolled full-time in a degree program. Priorities in the assignment of housing, as published in the Student Handbook, are based on the degree program and the number of people in the household, with first priority going to full-time M.Div. students. Eligibility for housing is also limited to a certain number of years for each degree program.

Applications for housing should be submitted promptly after admission, by June 1 at the latest. Housing assignments are made in the order of receipt of the tuition deposit. While the Seminary makes every effort to accommodate all students who need Seminary housing, no guarantee of placement is implied by admission to the degree program. Please apply as early as possible for priority consideration.

Belle Avenue Apartments

Belle Avenue Apartments consist of two buildings of one and two bedroom unfurnished units. Most apartments are upstairs, but there is one first-floor, ADA-compliant two-bedroom apartment. Some apartments also include limited storage rooms adjacent to the apartment. Appliances include a refrigerator and electric stove. A laundry room with two washers and two dryers is available on the property. There is covered parking for one car. The Belle Avenue apartments are dog and cat friendly.

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2014-15 rate per month:
$865 for one-bedroom apartment*
$970 for a two-bedroom apartment*
(Does not include gas and electricity)

Hunter and Landon Apartments

Hunter and Landon Apartments are one-bedroom and two bedroom unfurnished apartments. One-bedroom apartments are appropriate for a single person or legally partnered couple. Two-bedroom apartments are appropriate for a smaller sized family.

These small apartments feature a junior kitchen, full-size living room, bedroom and bathroom. Appliances include a refrigerator and four-burner electric stove. In addition, Hunter is wired for DSL and each apartment has a built-in microwave oven. There is a laundry room in each building and a small parking lot to serve both. Limited storage areas are also available. Some units in Hunter are designated as pet friendly.

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2014-15 rate per month:
$990 for Hunter one-bedroom apartment*
$990 for Landon one-bedroom apartment*
$1,175 for Landon two-bedroom apartment*

Oxtoby Hall

Oxtoby Hall offers two bedroom shared apartments for students without families. These apartments are partially furnished with a dining room table and two chairs, twin beds, a bookcase, wardrobe closet  and a desk in each bedroom. Students have a private bedroom, but share a newly remodeled bathroom, living room and kitchen. There is a laundry room in the building. The seminary’s gym is in Oxtoby Hall.

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2014-15 rate per month:
$490 per person*

Dobbins and Little Townhouses

Dobbins and Little Townhouses can accommodate families. Both buildings feature two- and three-bedroom unfurnished apartments. Appliances include a refrigerator and electric stove. Although there is a hook-up for a washer and dryer, SFTS does not supply these appliances. Each three bedroom apartment has 1½ baths and each two bedroom apartment has 1 bath. All units have a small storage area.

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2014-15 rate per month:
$1,175 for two-bedroom townhomes*
$1,265 for three-bedroom townhomes*
(Additional charge of approximately $20 per month for garbage pickup).

Trinity House

Trinity House is a "Christian Covenant Community," a community of students who try to live as the body of Christ, both together and within the larger seminary community. Trinity House is a beautiful 8-bedroom, 4-bath house, with a full kitchen and laundry room. There is a separate application for admission to Trinity.

2014-15 rate per month:

$735 per person*

*Subsidized rental rates. Please call for unsubsidized rates applicable to students from other GTU Consortial schools

Background Check

SFTS requires all adult applicants to Student Housing to complete a criminal background check, in accord with our values and honoring our relationships with each other in community. Applicants who are citizens of the United States or who are currently living In the United States must complete a criminal background check through CertifiedBackground.org. Instructions may be found on our website. In addition, all housing applicants, regardless of residency, must submit a true and correct Self-Disclosure Form in which they shall reflect upon and note any prior criminal convictions. The Self Disclosure Form and criminal background check must be completed at the time of applying for housing. Prior convictions will not necessarily preclude confirmation of student housing. The Background Check Review Committee has the discretion to request an international background check for those living outside the United States and has the discretion in its review of all background check results.
  1. Download Self-Disclosure Form: Click here
  2. Certified Background Instructions: Click here
  3. Complete Certified Background: Click here

For more information please contact:
Director of Student Services
800.447.8820 x824


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