Changing Life Patterns

Adult Development in Spiritual Direction
Elizabeth Liebert

Reader Comments

"This splendid text has well served as a dependable guide for defining spirituality, connecting it with developmental thought, and placing both in the congregational context. All who are concerned with the necessary spiritual disciplines and spiritual formation of persons who will be living and serving in the complex worlds of our millennium will be guided, challenged and graced by its profound insights."

Peggy Way
Eden Theological Seminary

"Elizabeth Liebert makes adult developmental theory both accessible and pertinent to pastors, spiritual directors, and theological students of every denomination. This expanded edition's new conclusion helpfully connects the ministry of spiritual direction with the ethical imperative for the public church to develop caring communities."

Arther Holder
Church Divinity School of the Pacific

"Elizabeth Liebert has developed an excellent resource for seminary classrooms and pastors, equally accessible in mainline Protestant and Roman Catholic Contexts. The new chapter in this edition offeres particularly helpful reflection on religious leadership in contemporary North American life. I'm delighted to continue to use this book in my classes."

Nancy J. Ramsay
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"In the field of spiritual direction, this is a five-star book. The author knows her subject inside out, and she communicates her thinking in crystal clear ways. Her ideas not only have wings; they have landing gear. She grounds her thinking in four case examples of directees and in the spiritual guidance program of a local church."

Merle R. Jordan
Boston University School of Theology