Spirituality Courses in the Graduate Theological Union


These courses may be taken to fulfill course requirements in the SFTS Spirituality Concentration or the Diploma in Spiritual Formation Studies. Consult each program director for applicability to individual courses of study, and consult the GTU catalogue at http://wiz.gtu.edu:7350/cgi-bin/wwiz.exe/wwiz.asp?wwizmstr=WEB.COURSE.SCH for updated information on the contents, times, credit hours and locations of the courses.

Fall Semester, 2009
SSSP 4342 Medieval Mystics Seminar Thompson DSPT
STSP3080 Interactive Evangelism Roche DSPT
STSP 4600 Christian Theology/Contemp Science Russell GTU/CTNS
LSSP 1355 Liturgy and Spirituality McGann FST
RASP 2159 Shrines and Altars Pryds/Michem FST/GTU
SPHS 1250 Intro Gender and Mysticism Pryds FST
SP 1649 Anglican Tradition and Life Kater CDSP
SPRS 2400 Sexuality and Christian Spirituality Leung PSR
SP 2492 Experiments in Prayer and Meditation Murphy JSTB
SPRS 2512 Spirituality and Liberation Ronzani JSTB
SPFT 2613 Ignatian Discernment McAloon JSTB
SPFT 2825 Youth Spirituality Greenan DSPT/ISS
SPRS 4024 Spirituality/Nonviolent Social Transformation Blake SKSM
SPST 4118 Reading for Transformation McAloon JSTB
SPST 4324 Seminar US Hispanic/Latino Theology Fernandez JSTB
SP4337 Devotion and Direct in Daily Life Boenzi DSPT
BSFT 2656 Scripture for Spiritual Growth Howe NCB
Intercession, 2010
SPHS2000 History of Christian Spirituality Howard SFTS
SP 2465 Art of Christian Listening Team SFTS
SP 2499 Art of Discernment Liebert SFTS
SP 2680 Fundamentals of Spiritual Direction Philips/Team SFTS
SP 4109 Prayer/Discernment/Pastrl Min Team SFTS
Spring Semester, 2010
BSSP 4565 God, Bible, Non Violence Green/Zen DSPT/GTU
SPOT 4210 Memory: Scripture/Spirituality Prinz/Endres JSTB
HSSP 2460 Lay Spiritual Practices Pryds FST
STSP2398 Christology: Jesus as Companion Roche DSPT
RSSP 4568 Dr. Howard Thurman Blake SKSM
RASP 2068 Devotional Poetry Wesley GTU/CARE
SPHS1120 Intro Sports and Spirituality Pryds/Lawrence FST/GTU
SP 2024 Spirituality through Swedenborgian Lens Lawrence PSR/GTU
SP 2130 Salesian Identity and Charism Boenzi DSPT
SP 2495 Spiritual Direction Practicum Murphy/Ferdon JSTB
SPPS 2526 Women’s Spiritual Quest Ronzani JSTB
SPHS 2653 Themes in Franciscan Spirituality Short FST
SPFT 2827 Religious Experience and the Young Greenan DSPT
SPCE 4339 Luther and Ignatius: Conversation Fullam/Stortz JSTB/PLTS
SP HS 4343 Franciscan Mystics: 16th Century Short FST
SP 4720 Patristic Themes Lulias GTU/PAOI
SPHS 4915 Orthodox Christian Spirituality Lulias GTU/PAOI
SP 8300 Anglican Spiritual Practices Drescher CDSP
HSSP4275 History and Contemplation Chinnici FST