Requirements for Approval of Ministry Sites for Field Education at SFTS
To be approved as a ministry setting for an internship, a site must offer the following:
  1. Ministry that is in line with the long-term goals of the student (i.e. church or para-church setting for those seeking ordination as a minister, hospital for those seeking ordination as a chaplain, other settings for those not seeking ordination)

  2. Ability to work in this setting over a long period (9 months if full-time, longer if part-time)

  3. An ordained minister who is willing to act as supervisor as laid out in the Field Education Handbook

  4. A variety of ministries for the student to be involved in during the internship that are appropriate to leadership in this kind of ministry

  5. Some component of public leadership that can be evaluated by members in the community served (i.e. preaching, teaching, organizing and chairing public meetings)

  6. Time for reflection with both the supervisor and a Shepherding Committee (persons to whom the intern can turn for advice and counsel throughout the internship)

  7. Minimum stipend of $10 per hour

* Those in the ordination process with a denomination would be wise to gain approval of a site from the governing body overseeing the process before agreeing to an internship there. Failure to do so will not disqualify the site as a possibility for the SFTS program but may result in extra work for the student.


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