The Peal
, you say. Whatever is that?
elcome to the new SFTS alum-
ni publication! Your Alumni/ae
Council intends this to be like
glue—binding us all together.
The Peal
is seen as a kissing
cousin of
. Chimes is general;
The Peal
is very
specific. Here are some of our goals:
1. Create a “web of connection” between alums
2. Foster an environment of “alums talking with
each other”
3. Collect, share and promote alumni-related news
4. Build the alumni network through
announcement of events.
We aim to enhance SFTS by building alumni com-
The idea for
The Peal
was born at an Alumni Coun-
cil meeting in April 2012. By November a prospectus
had been developed and was approved.
will come out May and December and T
will be in your mailboxes in February. All will
receive the first issue in print. Then, should you de-
sire, we can send it to you electronically, in print, or
both ways. Tell us your preference by using
The Peal’s
special email address:
The Alumni Council hopes you like
The Peal
. Even
more importantly, we hope you will contribute to it.
We see
The Peal
as being “by, for and about alumni/
ae” — a messenger bringing personal, ongoing infor-
mation about friends and classmates. Right now
is annual, but we are hoping for more than that!
We have an aversion to stodginess. We’re intend-
The Peal
to be lively, whimsical and just maybe
a little off-the-wall. Our editorial advisor, Jerry Van
Marter-Class of 1971, Distinguished Alumnus in
2004 and Director of the Presbyterian News Service
of the PC(USA)-will have it no other way.
You can ensure such an outcome by submitting ar-
ticles and/or serving on
The Peal’s
editorial board —
the way to do this is through the email below. Share
personal information about what you’re up to by sub-
mitting news about yourself to “John’s Hotline” at
And right now, sit back, enjoy
The Peal
and add
your voice to:
... the tintinnabulation that so musically wells
from the bells, bells, bells...
Alumni Council
Montgomery Slates
John’s Hotline
Alumni Newsletter
Spring 2013
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