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Gail Doering (MDiv 2001)
I am currently serving as solo pastor at
Clayton Valley (Calif.) Presbyterian Church.
I have been pastor there for five years. I am
also enrolled in a D.Min. program at Co-
lumbia Theological Seminary. I am still mar-
ried to David. Both of our daughters are in
college in Oregon (one at Southern Oregon
University and the other at Linfield College).
I returned in early November 2012 from a
16-day pilgrimage to Israel/Palestine with
three classmates from 2001: Jeannie Kim,
Wendy Komor WiStager and Debbie Whal-
ey. It was a formative, moving, exciting and
educational experience — simultaneously
exhilarating and heartbreaking.
Graig Flach (MDiv 2001)
Though we were only at SFTS for one
year, our family of four wishes it had been
longer. It was a sweet time.
We are in the Portland, Oregon area. I
serve as an associate for CE and missions
at the Lake Grove church, a PC(USA)-Fel-
lowship congregation. My wife Laura now
teaches early primary in public school. Our
two daughters Ariel and Zoe are soon both
to be in high school.
I am fortunate to serve a thriving congre-
gation with a united and supportive staff.
The only thing that took me by surprise in
the transition from seminary to “real min-
istry” was the prevalence of electronic me-
dia as a channel of ministry: email, texting,
social media… the use of video and Power-
Point in teaching.
Michael Foster (MDiv 2003)
I am currently serving First Presbyterian
Church of Phoenix, in southern Oregon. I
have been here for several years now and am
beginning to see the congregation’s footprint
within the community is expanding. A bi-
monthly community dinner that is hosted/
housed within the church, a food pantry that
serves 50 to 80 persons each week, three 12-
Step Meetings each week — with this going
on we see 500-600 persons a month im-
pacted by a congregation that has a mem-
bership of just more than 60. Both town and
church are working together to be the body
of Christ in this community.
Scott is attending Southern Oregon
University and will be married next sum-
mer (2013), graduating in 2014. Katie has
graduated high school this spring and plans
to attend the College of Idaho in the fall,
studying pre-med. John is engaged in a PhD
After being in Phoenix for seven years
there is one constant: we have only ever had
three years worth of financial resources. But
here are, still asking, “How is God calling us
to be faithful?”
William (Bill) and Yvonne Van Nostran
(MDiv 2003)
I (Bill) am now in my 10th year of parish
and public ministry at Northminster Presby-
terian Church in Portland, Ore. I was award-
ed the North Portland Sentinel Newspaper’s
Community Advocate of the Year in 2005,
and recognized as a Roosevelt High School
“Roughrider Honorary Alum” in 20082009.
In 2012, I received the Community Service
Recognition at the Celebrate North Portland
Son Jeff is senior lending officer for Co-
balt Mortgage in Kirkland, Wash. Daughter
Kari is a bilingual 5th grade teacher at Sara J.
Anderson Elementary School in Vancouver,
Wash. And finally, daughter Allie is student
services coordinator at Evergreen State Col-
lege in Olympia, Wash.
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