The Montgomery Slate Project
ugust 2011. The sun is out. The birds
are at full twitter. Only the sound of
slate crashing into a dumpster is dis-
turbing another beautiful Marin morning: the
tower roof of Montgomery chapel is being de-
Not many slate tiles survived this ordeal of
gravity — only 75, and some of those in less
than pristine condition. In fact, none were pris-
tine, being more than 100 years old — Mont-
gomery Chapel was built in 1897 — and hav-
ing been battered by Mother Nature for years.
Replacement was their fate.
These are Old Chinese slate tiles. From their
tower perch they have presided over seminary
life for decades. Some are heavily tarred —
coated to stem the tide of untoward leaks.
The Alumni Council Executive Committee,
there in solemn assembly to work on the agenda
for that November’s Council meeting, found
themselves watching this.
Among an entrepreneurial few, the
thought begins to grow: “Why,
alumni would probably pay
hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for the
privilege of owning just one of these precious,
irreplaceably historical relics of the seminary.”
So the group went dumpster-diving, and saved
75 relatively intact tiles.
After determining that printing a permanent
image on the slate was technically feasible,
artist Kayo Robertson created a drawing of
Montgomery Chapel in perspective and detail.
Each slate has been individually printed and is
its own unique collector’s item. And they are
looking to adorn your wall or bookcase or …
whatever — you’ll find the perfect spot in your
own little domicile.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer from the
Alumni Council. Your personal slate tile will
be carefully inscribed for a minimum gift of
$250 to the SFTS operating fund.
Support theological education at SFTS and
acquire a “piece of the Rock” ... well, actually
“a piece of the Roof!”
Send your check today and we will send
your slate. Don’t procrastinate (like with all
those all-nighter term papers). There are just 51
Montgomery Chapel slate tiles left, and once
gone, they’re gone!
Send your check to:
Montgomery Slate Project
San Francisco Theological Seminary
105 Seminary Road
San Anselmo, CA 94960
The Peal | San Francisco Theological Seminary Alumni Newsletter | Spring 2013
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