The Sides Our Bread is Buttered on
Alumni Council honors
SFTSers at various food fests
Does the church travel on its
At SFTS, it would seem so.
The Alumni Council has been
pleased to recognize and honor
important groups within the
SFTS community, and it seems
like food is always part of the
On Nov. 7, 2011,
members and their spouses were
recognized at a special din-
ner in their honor and thanked
for their work to build up the
seminary. The dinner was held
in Duncan Hall of First Pres-
byterian Church-San Anselmo,
with Alumni Council member
Jeannie Kim catering an amaz-
ing meal.
On May 19, 2012,
seniors and their families were
honored at a delicious sit-down
breakfast in Alexander Hall,
held just before their gradua-
tion ceremony. The 2012 Dis-
tinguished Alumni Chang Bok
Chung and Joseph Kang were
introduced by President JimMc-
Donald and greeted with thun-
derous applause. Okay, maybe it
just seemed thunderous because
of the early hour, but it was cer-
tainly warm and appreciative.
On Nov. 14, 2012,
staff mem-
bers of the seminary were recog-
nized and honored at a reception
held in Shaw House. Needless to
say, they gathered around a table
full of goodies.
On April 8, 2013,
and their families will be feted
at a barbeque on the Alexander
Hall Terrace, hosted by members
of the Alumni Council.
Each of these groups brings a
great dedication to SFTS. Thank
Class of 1963’s 50th Reunion
Grand celebration
set for April 11-13, 2013
ike those who feel their favorite
sports team is the greatest of all
time, those from the SFTS Class of
1963 are thoroughly convinced there was
no better class in the
illustrious history of
the seminary. They
remember their
25th reunion and
what a special time
they had bring-
ing the legendary
Ted Gill back for a
morning with them.
And now comes the Golden Anniver-
sary. A working team of 1963 alums are
busy contacting their classmates encour-
aging them to put April 11-13, 2013, on
the calendar. In October each 1963 alum
received a letter from the team inviting
them to share recollections for a “mem-
ory book.” 1963 VIP Jay Dee Conrad
is gathering submissions into a com-
memorative volume that each reunion
participant will receive.
The Class of 1963 was the only
SFTS class to have Ted Gill as semi-
nary president from start to finish. He
brought some of the great theologians of the
world to SFTS. They and SFTS faculty mem-
bers pushed that class toward theological excel-
lence and many 1963 alums still recall those
years as their greatest years of study.
Special guests helping the Class of 1963
mark its 50th anniversary are Herman and
Mary Waetjen, Walt and Libby Davis, John
Hadsell and Ben Reist. The
class will also welcome new
SFTS President Jim Mc-
Donald and participate in
the T.V. Moore Lectures.
The “wrap-around” class-
es of 1962 and 1964 are also
invited, as are all friends
and family of SFTS.
To connect with the Class of 1963
reunion, go to:
To register for the reunion, contact
Sarah Campbell by email at scampbell@ or by phone at (415) 4512830.
Class of 1963 50th Reunion work-
ing team members: John Evans (Class
Steward Alumni Council member),
John Chatalas, Jay Dee Conrad. Jim
Hart, Jim Heer, Jim Neilsen, Don
Register, Doug Rich.
The Peal | San Francisco Theological Seminary Alumni Newsletter | Spring 2013
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