E. R. “Bud” Frimoth (BD 1954)
This past summer, my youngest son,
daughter and I journeyed to Armenia to visit
a Peace Corps volunteer who at one time had
been an elder Westminster Presbyterian, the
church I attend in Portland. She had also tak-
en a clown funshop that my late wife, Lenore,
and I had conducted several years ago. I was
interested in what she was doing in Armenia
and found her email address. In the process
she ended one email asking, “When are you
visiting Armenia?”
So the three of us visited that Maryland-
sized country in July. We helped youth in
Dsegh clean up the city park, visited notable
sites, and enjoyed learning more about this
Christian nation, founded in 301AD.
Garner Scott Odell (BD 1959, DMin 1975)
I have retired after 50 years as a clergyman,
therapist, and chaplain on cruise ships. My
current passion is writing. After writing a suc-
cessful historical novel — Sir David: The Life
and Loves of a Welsh Knight — I have turned
to thrillers revealing the lust and intrigue that
surround beautiful “rocks.”
The first of “The Gemstone Thriller” se-
ries— EMERALD—will be hot off the press
by the time you read this.
I live in California with my wife, Grace,
also a published writer, and am surrounded
far and wide by children, grandchildren and
great grandchildren. When not pounding
away on my computer, I prune my roses and
think up more chaos to commit to print
L. Wayne Bryan (BD 1959, DMin 1976)
After two retirements, I have been pretty
settled into life here in Columbia, S.C. My
first retirement was December 1999 after
seven years in pastoral ministry, 25 years in
campus ministry, and 10 years as director of
the state council of churches. The second re-
tirement was after five years as the director
of an international visitors program in South
Carolina related to the U.S. State Depart-
ment … oh, and a brief stint as director of
The Alliance for South Carolina’s Children.
Along with time to travel and to spend with
books, art, and music, Mimi and I tithe (at
least) our time to our home church.
Donald J. Barnes (BD 1960, MDiv 1993)
Nancy and I have lived in Rancho Palos
Verdes for 30 years. Our lot borders St. Peter’s
by the Sea Presbyterian Church, where I was
a pastor from 19811996. When I retired I be-
gan officiating at weddings for the Wayfarers
Chapel (Swedenborgian) and the Neighbor-
hood Church (UCC), both located on 200-
foot bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Five of our six children live in southern
California so we get to see eight of our 14
grandchildren often. Our daughter in Illinois
harbors the remaining six.
Nancy continues to perfect her skills as a
Suzuki piano teacher and has a website worth
I get most of
my daily physical exercise keeping up with a
60-year interest in organic gardening and 40
years as a beekeeper. Coastal Sage, which pro-
duces one of the world’s finest honeys, grows
abundantly in Rancho Palos Verdes and we
Editor’s note: with all due respect to John Calvin,
none of the following information, so far as can be
determined, is an outgrowth of double-predestination.
Only You Know
and I Know
Tell us your story!
It’s a fact: no one wrote more
letters than John Calvin. His cor-
respondence was voluminous.
Today, would dear John have used
email and twitter? Nothing is worse
than reading into history, but we
don’t care: Sure he would!
This is why we have named a
major section of The Peal “John’s
Hotline.” In the tradition of the man
from Geneva, we want to know
about you and what you are doing,
where you are and what you have
done. Or, if you prefer, what you
have not done.
“John’s Hotline” will bring us
You can see we actually have a
format for submissions:
• Your Name
• Your degrees and years
• Your own words about You
• Your email address if you
would like your submission
And John even has his own special
email box. Send your stuff to SFTS-
Because—alas—at this point we
can only afford to publish The Peal
once a year, “In Memorium” will
continue to be published in Chimes.
Come clean! We’ ll be looking
for your contributions to “John’s
Hotline.” Shoot for 200 words, more
or less.
The Peal | San Francisco Theological Seminary Alumni Newsletter | Spring 2013
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