enjoy making a gift of it on behalf of honey bees
who have been suffering a tough time of late.
Herb Valentine (BD 1960)
I have been retired since June 2000 after hav-
ing served inner city congregations in San Fran-
cisco, Indianapolis and Gary, Ind., and serving
Baltimore Presbytery as executive presbyter for
23 years.
In retirement I served interim positions in an
inner city congregation in Philadelphia, a very
large suburban congregation in Doylestown, Pa.,
acting executive presbyter in Philadelphia Presby-
tery, moderator of session of another large congre-
gation in Wayne, Pa., and finally in a rather fun,
looseygoosey small, liberal affluent congregation
in Gladwyne, Pa.
In 1991 I was elected General Assembly moder-
ator and traveled globally on its behalf. I continue
to preach occasionally, and I am currently parish
associate at First Presbyterian Church of Phila-
delphia, in which the first Presbyterian Church
General Assembly was held in 1789.
I have had spiritually-rewarding, fun and on
occasion life-threatening experiences. I would do
it all again. I am married to Barbara Chaapel,
director of communications at Princeton Theo-
logical Seminary. I have two children and seven
William N. (Bill) Johnson
(BD 1961, ThM 1965, DMin 1975)
What am I doing? Retired!!! Finally, after a
great six-year interim at Palm Springs (Calif.)
Presbyterian Church and two previous interims
after being honorably retired by Pacific Presbytery
in 2000. Joyce and I have lived in Palm Desert,
Calif., for 10 years. now. I have two sons and she
has a daughter — a Presbyterian pastor — and
two sons, plus we have 8 grandchildren and two
new grandchildren on the way from Bulgaria!
We travel a lot all over the world when Joyce
is not up to her eyeballs volunteering here in the
desert. We are involved in several organizations in
Riverside Presbytery, made possible in part by my
new hip and knee. I could also use a new brain.
God Alone Is The Lord Of The Conscience!
from Calvin Chinn (BD 1962)
I am honorably retired by the Presbytery of San
Jay Dee Conrad (MDiv 1963, DMin 1977)
After pastorates in Santa Maria and San Le-
andro, Calif.; Medford, Ore.; and Los Alamos,
N/M. — a total of 40 years altogether — I retired
in 2003 and Andrea and I moved to Bend, Ore.,
where I am among more than a dozen retired pas-
tors in the congregation, the majority graduates of
SFTS. Life is good!
Jack D. Hodges (MDiv 1965)
Diane and I married in 1962, and last August
celebrated our 50th anniversary with weekend
festivities and family around. Our son Craig, 47,
and his family live in the Philadelphia area; our
daughter Karen, 42, is in Baltimore with her fam-
ily. Four grandchildren, ages 5-16, make things
great. Everyone was present to help us celebrate
the big-five-oh.
Over the years, Diane taught elementary school
and Jack served two congregation in Oregon and
two in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area, before returning
to Cascades Presbytery to serve as executive pres-
After retiring in 2005, I spent five and a half
rewarding years in a small Portland congregation.
Now I serve as president of the SFTS Alumni
Council, working with some of the finest, most
energetic people I know. Their excitement about
the new vision of SFTS is infectious. I’m still
active in Cascades as a member of the Transfor-
mation Committee and Chair of the Presbytery
Stewardship Committee. I’m an elected member
The Peal | San Francisco Theological Seminary Alumni Newsletter | Spring 2013
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