of the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board of
the General Assembly and also serve on the
Jinishian Memorial Foundation.
Robert Hirni (MDiv 1968)
After graduation, Barbara and I went to
Ogden, Utah, with our little Judy. After two
years there, we served on the Navajo Reser-
vation and lived in Tuba City, Ariz. I was
associate pastor and did many things, but
education was the core of my work. We took
our little Elizabeth with us.
In 1975 we moved back to San Anselmo
where I entered the PhD program at the
GTU and UC-Berkeley. We took our little
Maria with us. While managing the semi-
nary bookstore, I was offered a job with For-
tress Press as a salesman and academic field
editor. I continued this work with Wm. B.
Eerdmans Publishing Company and retired
in 2008.
We stopped with three children. Judy is
teaching in China, Elizabeth is a doctor and
has two kids, and Maria is home with our
youngest grandchild.
Jerry Van Marter (MDiv 1971)
After serving four pastorates in San Fran-
cisco Presbytery over the course of 17 years
following graduation, I am now in my 25th
year in exile in Louisville, where I serve as
director of the Presbyterian News Service.
Having traveled to more than 60 countries
and 49 of the 50 states (sorry, Maine) during
that time, I recite two daily mantras: “I can’t
believe they pay me to do this” and “I can’t
believe they haven’t found me out yet.”
I am married to Eva Stimson, editor of
Presbyterians Today magazine, and we have
21-year-old twins, Luke and Rachel, who are
both attending theatre schools in Chicago.
Needless to say, with two tuition bills, retire-
ment is not on the horizon.
I am active in Mid-Kentucky Presbytery,
the Synod of Living Waters and in several
professional organizations. Lately, I have
been joyfully pressed into service by Jack
Hodges as editorial advisor — at typical
Presbyterian compensation — of The Peal.
Carolyn Studer (MDiv 1980)
It’s been great to connect with SFTS grads
on Facebook. I have many happy memories
of studying in San Anselmo.
Right now I’m working on growing my
business in music and art education.
The last SFTSer I met was Bear Scott.
I was worshiping at All Saints Episcopal
Church in Pasadena, and turned around to
see who the women were who were singing a
familiar hymn at the top of their lungs.
Paul Rodkey (M Div 1982)
I have just entered my 27th year at Beth-
any Presbyterian Church in Spokane. I have
also been the campus pastor for United Min-
istries at Eastern Washington University for
17 years. I feel like “the voice of one crying
out in the wilderness” here because Inland
Northwest Presbytery has gone so evangeli-
cal/conservative it is frightening.
I am starting a two-year class at Gonzaga
University here in Spokane on Spiritual Di-
rection. I am looking forward to this new
aspect of my faith journey. My friend Bob
Meyer tells me, “You’ve got the justice thing
nailed. Now you will add another depth to
your journey.”
I am remarried to an amazing woman,
Kerri, for 12 years and know blessing every
day. We have four kids between us, all grown
and doing life. And we now have a 17 year
old ‘guardian’ daughter out of the church,
who is having to unlearn/relearn life after es-
caping a horrible situation. It is a challenge
for us all to be sure.
Scott Schaefer (MDiv 1987)
Our daughter, Jenny, moved to an apart-
ment in Sequim, Wash., in November. She is
doing very well.
We had a great Thanksgiving in Sequim
with younger brother Will and his two chil-
dren, Christina and Daniel. Becky has start-
ed a business selling yarns that she creates by
re-dyeing discarded sweaters. We continue to
be showered with God=s blessings and live
lives of gratitude.
Chris and Susan Grewe (M Div 1987)
We have been at Savage Memorial Pres-
byterian Church in Portland for 21 years
now! We had a spectacular time at our 25th
Reunion at SFTS this summer, Great time,
great friends.
Our daughter Anna, graduated from the
University of Oregon in June 2012, with a
degree in English and a minor in dance. She
is now in the University of Oregon graduate
teaching program on her way to becoming a
high school English teacher
We have wonderful friends, we’re more
tired than we used to be, we keep two neigh-
bor boys on Wednesday evenings ( Conner,
2nd grade, and Travis, 1st grade). Life is
We are in a “play reading” group that
includes other SFTS folks: Tom and Patti
Campbell-Schmidt and Jack and Diane
Hodges. Eat dinner, read a play, have a great
Cathy Quackenbush (M Div 1989)
I live in West Linn, Ore., a suburb of Port-
land, and am serving as stated clerk for the
Presbytery of the Cascades. I’m doing my
best to keep up and adjust to all the changes
that are happening in the church these days.
The Peal | San Francisco Theological Seminary Alumni Newsletter | Spring 2013
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