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Quarterly Labyrinth Moon Walk
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Quarterly Labyrinth Moon Walk
Next date:
May 14, 2014
8:30pm - 10:30pm
Geneva Terrace, SFTS Campus

Join us for our second quarterly Labyrinth Moon Walk. Gaze at the stars and enjoy beautiful views of Mt. Tamalpais while from San Francisco Theological Seminary's outdoor terrace while walking the labyrinth, an exercise that focuses the mind and induces a peaceful, meditative state.

We will be holding additional walks throughout the year on Sunday, August 10 and Thursday, November 6. In addition to attending the 2014 Labyrinth Moon Walks, please feel welcome to return to the SFTS campus as often as you like!

Enjoying the natural and architectural beauty of the SFTS campus once a year simply isn’t enough! We will be hosting additional Labyrinth Moon Walks throughout the year on Wednesday, May 14; Sunday, August 10; and Thursday, November 6.

In addition to attending the 2014 Labyrinth Moon Walks, please feel welcome to return as often as you like!

The labyrinth has existed for over 4,000 years, first appearing in Neolithic rock carvings in southern Europe. Labyrinths can be found on coins from Knossos, Crete around 300 B.C., and on mosaic floors during the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, labyrinths that were large enough to walk on were constructed on the floors of cathedrals and used by Christians who could not make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Unlike a maze, which has many pathways and dead ends, a labyrinth has a single path which leads to the center and back out again. The path becomes a mirror for where we are in our lives, touching our sorrows and releasing our joys, a symbol of life’s journey. The spiral symbolizes the process of growth and evolution, a process of coming to the same point again and again, but at different levels, so that everything can be seen in a new light.

Those who walk the labyrinth say that the exercise focuses the mind, slows the breathing and induces a peaceful, meditative state. We invite you to walk the labyrinth with an open mind and an open heart, and allow the labyrinth to lead you into blessing, healing, clarity, and balance as you engage with this embodied form of prayer.

Time spent here is healing and refreshing. We invite you to pray for peace in world, for peace in your own heart, and for peace in the hearts of all.

At the entrance to the path, pause for a moment and ask God, the Holy Spirit, to be your guide, and offer this time to God to be at work in you.

Many people can walk the labyrinth at the same time, but as a courtesy, allow a little space to develop between yourself and others.

Shoes or no shoes – it does not matter.

If the person ahead of you stops on the path, you may walk around them or not, as you chose. How you respond to interruptions and others on the path may become an illuminating aspect of your walk.

Most of all, enjoy this time of quiet and peace, and know that there is no such thing as “doing it right.”

We hope you will join us!


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