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Ministry Opportunity Details

  Expiration Date: 9/1/2014

Name of Church or Agency:   Westminster Presbyterian Church
533 South Walnut St. 
Springfield,  IL  62704
Denomination:   PC (USA)
Governing Body:  
Phone:   (217) 522-4465
Available Position:   Associate Pastor for Family Ministry
Position Type:   Either Ordained or Non-Ordained
Position Focus:   Youth Ministry
Ministry Experience:   Not Applicable
Employment Status:   Full Time

Contact Information

Contact Name:   Connie Brown
Contact Phone:   (217) 522-4415
Contact Address:   533 South Walnut Street
Springfield, IL 62704
Contact Email:
Role in Position Search:   Church Administrative Assistant

Ministry Opportunity Description

Westminster Presbyterian Church believes that it is in the world
for ministry. With each new day, we reaffirm our common purpose:
• to join in the worshipful praise of God,
• to teach the children, to lead and inspire the young,
and to call everyone to life-long learning in the church,
• to be influential participants in society,
by being accountable to the Gospel,
• to show the love and compassion of Jesus Christ toward
each other,and toward those who are hurting,
• to be a caring community welcoming both friends and
• to own our Presbyterian heritage, reformed and always
reforming, to be prayerfully open to the renewing power of the
Holy Spirit. Let the doors of this church be a way to service.

1. What is the congregation’s or organization’s vision for ministry?
Additionally describe how this vision is lived out.
We believe we are in the world for ministry. Our doors are open
and welcoming, and a way to service. We are grounded in our
identity as a faith community and we are willing to risk leading
the Church into the future. We honor tradition, yet are open to
change. We embrace children and youth, yet respect the elderly.
We seek opportunities for learning and fellowship that strengthen
intergenerational relationships and cultivate community
within the body of Christ.

Worship is at the heart of our life together, whether in the
sanctuary surrounded by elegant stained glass windows or in
parish hall overlooking our lovely garden. Our worship weaves
the spoken word, music and silence in a way that touches the
heart, nourishes the spirit and challenges the mind. Preaching
at Westminster (WPC) seeks both to teach scripture in the context
in which it was written and to apply the meaning to what is
happening in our lives today. WPC’s vibrant music is an integral
part of who we are.

We seek to build a thoughtful, developmentally informed ministry
of education and spiritual formation. From the youngest to the
oldest, we are committed to life-long learning as we honor the
faith journey of each and are present with one another during the
unexpected turns along the way.

Our faith is a little more daring; our words a little louder for
justice; and our thoughts a little more global. We are grateful
at WPC to be a part of something larger than our individual lives
within the body of Christ.

2.How do you feel called to reach out to address the emerging
needs of your community or constituency?

Founded in 1835 by abolitionists, WPC has been speaking to the
needs of Springfield from its beginning. Members are community
leaders; heads of business and financial institutions;
administrators and medical professionals; educators, civic
leaders and elected officials. Volunteerism in the community
is a way we live out our faith; members support local social
service agencies, collect and distribute food, transport the
elderly, and donate countless hours to civic agencies and
institutions. In 2013 alone WPC gave a total of $154,500 to
mission programs. Some of our peacemaking and social justice
work includes:

Compass Program: A weekly, after-school, neighborhood-based
program that provides homework help, life skills and hot meals
for at-risk children. We partner with Central Baptist Church
in this ministry.

Equal Exchange: Fair trade products are sold through
partnerships with small independent producers to encourage
economically just and environmentally sound merchandise.

Habitat Interfaith Build: In 2013 WPC partnered with Jewish,
Muslim, Unitarian, Roman Catholic and other protestant
congregations to build a handicapped accessible home.
It was lovingly named “The House of Shalom.”

Contact Ministries: As a founding congregation of this ministry
to the most vulnerable within our community, WPC continues to
provide substantial monetary support. We also host the Christmas
Distribution Day, welcoming over 850 community members through
the doors of WPC.

3.How will this position help you to reach your vision and
mission goals?

The integrated effort of the pastors, staff and congregation
helps us to fulfill our vision and mission. The Associate Pastor
for Family Ministry will work collaboratively with colleagues and
members to provide a balanced ministry of worship, pastoral care,
administrative leadership, education, mission outreach and
membership development. Through the efforts of the Associate
Pastor for Family Life, WPC will embrace new and expanded
opportunities encouraging the spiritual formation of our children
and youth, nurturing a sense of community among our families and
serving others through mission outreach.

4.Provide a description of the characteristics needed by the
person who is open to being called to this congregation and/or

Because worship is at the heart of our life together, the
Associate Pastor for Family Ministry needs to be an effective and
articulate worship leader and preacher. As the pastor overseeing
children and youth ministries, being an inspirational teacher and
communicator with technological savvy are important
characteristics. It is our hope that this person will be someone
in whom colleagues and members can turn to for counsel and
guidance. We welcome someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who takes
initiative and collaborates with ease. Flexibility and
interpersonal engagement are essential characteristics for
working with children, youth and families. A final and crucial
characteristic is to hold one’s self and others accountable to
ensure that responsibilities are completed in a timely and
effective manner.

5.What specific tasks, assignments, and programs areas will this
person have responsibility?

-Work with the Youth Ministries Committee to plan and implement
a program including fellowship, Bible study, service and mission
for junior and senior high youth; plan and lead the annual
Confirmation Program in cooperation with the pastoral staff

-Share with professional staff in the development of inspirational
and meaningful worship, provide liturgical leadership on a weekly
basis and preach an assigned number of sermons

-Work with the Children’s Ministries Committee and the Program
Assistant for Children to plan Sunday school, Vacation Bible
School and other special activities, and to initiate a mid-week
fellowship which includes music, mission and intergenerational

-Supervise the Program Assistant for Children and nursery workers
and to oversee the recruitment and training of Sunday school
teachers and educational volunteers

-Serve as staff liaison with the Westminster Cooperative

-Work with the pastoral staff to provide pastoral care with
particular attention to children, youth and families

-Officiate at weddings, funerals, and the sacraments as invited
by the Pastor/Head of Staff

-Be a responsible member of the Presbytery of Great Rivers and
other governing bodies of the PC(USA) and to relate to community
and ecumenical organizations as time permits.

6. Leadership Competencies required for this position:

a. Preaching and Worship Leadership - Is a consistently effective
preacher and worship leader; is able to inspire from the pulpit;
communicates a clear and consistent message through sermons that
are carefully prepared and artfully delivered; projects the
identity and character of the congregation through worship
leadership presence.

b. Teacher - creates learning environments where students are
active participants as individuals and as members of collaborative
groups; designs lesson plans that teach concepts, facts, and
theology; effectively uses multiple learning tools to reach a
wide variety of learners; revises instructional strategies based
upon ministry/organization context.

7. Communication Skills required:

a. Advances the abilities of individuals and the organizations
through active listening supported with meaningful oral and
written presentation of information.

b. Has ability to navigate successfully the world of technology
using software, blogging, multi-media, and websites as tools for

8. Organizational Leadership Skills required:

a. Advisor - an individual others turn to for counsel and
guidance; provides coaching; expertise for congregations or other

b. Entrepreneurial - leaders that are creative in using resources;
identifies opportunities to develop; is willing to take risks,
initiates actions that involve a deliberate risk to achieve a
recognized benefit or advantage.

c. Collaboration: Has a natural orientation toward getting people
to work together; shares wins and successes; fosters open
dialogue; lets people finish and be responsible for their work;
creates strong feelings of belonging among group members; is a
good judge of talent and can accurately assess the strengths and
limitations of others.

9. Interpersonal Skills required:

a. Interpersonal Engagement - Displays a consistent ability to
build solid relationships of trust and respect inside and outside
of the organization; engage people, organizations, and partners
in developing goals, executing plans, and delivering results; use
negotiation skills and adaptability to encourage recognition of
joint concerns, collaboration, and to influence the success of

b. Initiative: Demonstrates ambition is highly motivated; is
action-oriented and full of energy for things seen as challenging;
seizes opportunity; pushes self and others to achieve desired

c. Flexibility - Adapts behavior and work methods in response to
new information, changing conditions, unexpected obstacles, or
ambiguity; remains open to new ideas and approaches; and works
concurrently on related and conflicting priorities without losing
focus or attention.

10. Compensation and Housing:

Minimum Effective Salary: $45,000.00
Housing Type: Housing allowance


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