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Ministry Opportunity Details

  Expiration Date: 10/15/2014

Name of Church or Agency:   Ankeny Presbyterian Church
317 SE Trilein Drive 
Ankeny,  IA  50021
Denomination:   PC (USA)
Governing Body:  
Phone:   515-964-0264
Available Position:   Pastor
Position Type:   Ordained
Position Focus:   Family & Youth Ministry
Ministry Experience:   More than 2 years
Employment Status:   Full Time

Contact Information

Contact Name:   Sam Housker
Contact Phone:   515-991-3314
Contact Address:   2736 NE 96th Ave.
Ankeny, IA 50021
Contact Email:
Role in Position Search:   Search Committee Chairperson

Ministry Opportunity Description

Ankeny is a fast-growing suburb with many cultural opportunities and a world-class school district. The Des Moines area is recognized on “best places to live” lists. But there are people in need, and a large percentage of the Ankeny population is unchurched. APC is the only PC(USA) church serving Ankeny and smaller communities nearby.

Believing that in serving others we serve Jesus Christ, our outreach includes:

Within our church
● deacons "shepherd" every member, including those who are homebound or hospitalized
● the prayer chain supports and connects members and friends
● volunteers teach, sing, lead Bible studies, serve meals, care for children, and maintain church facilities
● youth involvement is woven throughout the life and ministry of the church
Within the larger Ankeny community and beyond
● we host Scout troops, 4-H clubs, pre-school music classes
● we serve meals at area shelters, support a local adult day-care, deliver milk weekly to a half-way house, etc.
● we reach out to young people whose parents are unchurched
● youth and adult groups take mission trips to areas of need
● we actively partner with a canton in El Salvador
We are a caring congregation, whether mentoring our “Friends in Faith”, hosting Presbytery meetings, supporting youth breakfasts, or providing transportation to children and seniors. With a leap of faith, we recently paid off our mortgage. Now debt-free, we want to focus our attention outwardly and welcome newcomers into our widening circle of believers.

How will this position help you to reach your vision and mission goals?

To help us reach our full mission potential the pastor will help us to focus with clear direction and purpose on:
Being God-centered
Living out a spiritual gift-based ministry
Attracting and ministering to young families with children and youth
Ministering to our seniors

The new pastor will motivate and encourage us to grow personally and as a congregation, to be and live as God’s people. He/she will provide courageous leadership so we (APC) will take ownership of the goal of going deeper in Christ and wider with His love and grace.

Local and global mission is a key part of who we are. We have many groups and individuals who serve willingly and joyfully. Through meaningful worship and visionary leadership, the pastor will support and equip us in our service to others, helping us recognize and use our spiritual gifts. The pastor will lead best by building leaders and strengthening our ministry teams.
Passing our faith to all generations requires an outward focus so our new pastor will keep us centered on outreach. He/she will empower us to move forward as we continue to discern God’s call for APC. The pastor will help us build on our unique size, capitalize on our diversity and mainline identity, and expand the capacity of our programing to best reach our community.

Provide a description of the characteristics needed by the person who is open to being called to this congregation and or organization:

APC’s future pastor will reveal a deep faith in God, a love for Christ and a responsiveness to the Spirit’s leading. Committed to being a person of the Word and prayer, he/she will guide us in becoming more so as well. He/she will also be a proven equipper and team builder. Our congregation loves to be inspired and challenged into action. An energetic, Spirit-led preacher/teacher will inspire us from the pulpit as well as in his/her daily walk.
Our future pastor will be a visionary who will meet us where we are and lead us boldly into our future. Starting with our current vision, the next pastor will constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities to join in God’s work. Acting as a change agent, he/she will facilitate God’s mission through the diverse people of the congregation. Since change and growth can be challenging, he/she will be supportive while walking alongside the lay leaders of the church. Good communication and collaboration are necessary to help us continually reinterpret our vision in a variety of ways so that no one loses focus.

The pastor at APC will be a compassionate leader, able and willing to give pastoral care when needed. Since a pastor cannot be everywhere at once, he/she will train and guide lay leaders to care for members in both troubled and tranquil times. He/she must be able to relate well with different generations of believers and thus help us to appreciate the gifts and blessings of each other.

What specific tasks, assignments, and program areas will this person have responsibility?

Responsibilities for our pastor will include the following:

• Plan and lead creative worship services that include all generations, working with the Worship Committee and staff
• Help youth prepare for Youth Sundays
• Administer the sacraments
• Officiate at weddings and funerals

Congregational Care
• Oversee training/support of Deacons
• Provide pastoral care to the congregation, including visits to the sick and homebound
• Be involved in the life of the congregation while practicing healthy self-care

• Serve as head of staff, supervising, supporting, coaching, counseling and providing feedback/evaluation.
• Conduct regular staff meetings
• Engage in intentional practices of lay leadership and team development
• Moderate session and congregational meetings
• Support committees and groups throughout the church, providing advice and counsel as needed
• Promote practices of healthy congregational development

• Oversee/co-teach confirmation classes and adult classes as needed, working with the Director of Christian Education
• Assist/co-lead new member classes
• Engage in Continuing Ed

• Facilitate communication between committees, session, and congregation
• Communicate through articles in newsletters and using electronic means

• Be accountable to HR, Session and the Des Moines Presbytery
• Belong to a pastor network for shared learning, support, and accountability

Leadership Competencies
Theological / Spiritual Interpreter
* Spiritual Maturity
* Compassionate
* Preaching and Worship Leadership

* Communicator

Organizational Leadership
* Strategy and Vision
* Collaboration
* Organizational Agility

Interpersonal Engagement
* Interpersonal Engagement
* Self Differentiation
* Motivator

Compensation and Housing
Minimum Effective Salary: $75,000
Maximum Effective Salary: $110,000
Housing Type: Housing Allowance


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