Online Courses

Introduction to Preaching with Rev. Dr. Jana Childers and Rev. Sam Alexander

This course is an introduction to the composition and delivery of sermons with attention to hermeneutical and theological issues. Students will examine several different homiletical models as well as a breadth of different forms of preaching from verse-by-verse to the “Lowry Loop.”  Students will practice preaching throughout the semester and receive instructor feedback and critique that both honors the tradition of preaching and supports students finding their own voices.

Course Number: HM-8101

New Testament Introduction: Gospels & Acts with Rev. Dr. Annette Weissenrieder

The Gospels emerge in social and complex political context of the Roman Empire. This course examines the Gospels and contemporaneous texts within their first-century Greco-Roman and Jewish contexts, pays attention to archaeological and inscriptional materials of the time, and demonstrates contemporary hermeneutical strategies, including feminist and postcolonial hermeneutics. Students will also consider the controversial contemporary contexts in which they and others interpret the New Testament. Seminar members will engage these subjects through weekly video lectures and readings, on-line discussions, interactive tasks, and weekly live web conferences.

Course Number: NT-8004

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