Advent Devotions 2017:
“The World Is About to Turn”

Each year, writers from our SFTS community reflect on daily Scriptures in a series of Advent devotions and this year, our Advent theme is “The World Is About to Turn” – a theme inspired by the Canticle of the Turning and Mary’s Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55). 

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December 19: Seeking Justice or a Guilt Washing Station?

The new thing that God is doing is inviting us to imagine economics that end the exploitation of all of creation, including humanity.

December 18: Waiting with Anticipation in the Season of Advent!

In Advent, we live in hope and joy, knowing that our God is capable of all things and that restoration is at hand.

December 17: Who Are You?

In response to the question “Who are you?,” the Word turns the interrogation on its head.

December 16: Turning by Dropping the "e"

Waiting in community as sorrow turns to joy.

December 15: In the Shadows

Today, what will you do to turn the world toward kindness?

December 14: In the Shadows

In the shadow of death, we are not alone.

December 13: Whose Voice?

Whose voice will you listen to today?

December 12: Psalm 19: The Warrior and The Prophet Get Married

“Let us push the world; we can race to meet it. Only the fear of God is forever.”

December 11: Hoping, in Sighs and Groans

Until the world turns, creation groans, the earth groans, our very bodies groan, and the body of Christ groans.

December 10: Seeing Emmanuel...

Advent is immediate, mysterious, and engaging. It pushes us to live on the edge, attentive to God's promise of revolution.

December 9: A Gift of Time

Advent is a gift of time, a concentrated invitation to practice the deep truth of our faith.

December 8: Put Down Your Gun

Cast your burden on God. Lay down your gun.

December 7: "We Are the Ones We Are Waiting For"

What shall I cry? What if my voice is too weary from crying?

December 6: Light of Hope

May hope’s light lead you to places where peace and justice are lacking.

December 5: Song of the Body

We enter into Mary’s song in our bodies and join in her lament and hope.

December 4: Be a Part of the Redemption

In Scripture and in our world, redemption is more than a lofty notion.

December 3: The World Is About to Turn

Where are you willing to embody the Advent longing for the world to be set right?